Dua To Control Your Wife – Dua To Make Your Wife Love You

Dua To Control Your Wife

A wife only looks good when she is subordinate to her husband. No husband wants a big mouthed, rough and disobedient wife. Obviously after suffering and bearing a lot, he will leave her. But, if you want to make things better and make your wife obedient and loving, then you should recite dua to control your wife. The dua will make your wife poise, calm and obedient. She will become a better person. If she has a lust for shopping or she just fights on everything, then dua to control your wife will just end all these habit of her and turn her into a better person.

As a husband, you cannot tolerate the misbehavior and disrespect of your wife. If your wife doesn’t love you and doesn’t show any respect towards you, then dua to make your wife love you will help you out. It will change the very heart of your wife and create immense love and affection in her heart for you. It will make her acknowledge her mistake and she will repent and feel sorry for disrespecting you. Indeed, Allah Miyan can do anything. Hence, expecting such a small change in your wife is nothing big from the Almighty.

Dua To Make Your Wife Love You

Dua To Make Your Wife Love You
If your wife has a short temper and she gets furious on petty little things and gets out of control then
dua to control anger of wife is the best remedy for you. When you make this dua to Allah Talah, the Almighty will lower her temperament down and tame her. She will get calm and will listen to you. The dua to control anger of wife will make your life get poise, composed and calm. She will never shout or fight with you on anything and will always respect you and listen to you.

It is essential to discuss the steps of dua to make your wife love you with our molvi sb. before you start practicing it. He will give you the right guidance in this regard. Don’t get disheartened if your wife threatens to leave you and you have undying love for you. The dua to control your wife will make her come in your control and love you. She will start acknowledging your effort and appreciate all you do for her. She will become a good wife and will do everything which a perfect wife should do for her husband. Make the dua and Insha Allah soon you will have favorable results. 

Recite Surah Muzammil daily for 41 days. Also recite Surah bBaqarah as many times as possible in this time period. Make sure you recite it with the intention to control your wife.

Make dua to Allah talah to make your wife better and bring her in your control. Insha Allah, within a period of 41 days, your wife will change. She will turn out to be a better person and a whole lot better wife. She will become exactly as you have always wanted her to be

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