Dua To Separate Two Person


Powerful Dua To Separate Two Person

Every wife wants love and affection from her husband. It is the basic right of every wife to get her attention and care. Many husbands treat their wives in a really bad manner. They scold their wives on every small issue; still, their wives are tolerating everything. But it is very difficult for any wife to tolerate that her husband is having an illegal affair. Written below is the process of performing the dua to separate two person. 

Having an illegitimate relationship has become a major issue in our society. Many wives are suffering in their marriage because of this problem. Many women are committing suicide because of this reason. There are lots of husbands who are having an extramarital affair. The whole life of a wife is being destroyed because of this reason. The best solution to this problem is the wazifa to stop illegal relationship.

To stop this, the wife can perform dua to separate two people in an unlawful relationship.   

  • This dua should be performed after Fajar Namaz. 
  • Firstly read Surah Nisa 98 times.  
  • After that read this Dua to separate two person- “Ilhum Ruksaar Nigham e Noor Urhoom” 1478 times.  
  • After that, take an apple and slice it into four pieces.  
  • Then read Surah Kafiroon for 147 times.  
  • Then throw those four pieces in four different directions outside your house.  
  • Every time you throw one piece, read Surah Kausar one time.  
  • Then take the name of the people you want to separate 50 times.  
  • Perform this ritual to break an illegitimate relationship for 4 days. 

Dua To Stop Illegal Relationship

Every wife has a fear that her husband might leave him for some other woman in her heart. Very few husbands are loyal towards their wives. A wife wants to make sure that her husband is always under her control. The desire to control her husband increases when a woman finds out about his illegal relationship.   

The best Islamic dua to end a haram relationship in Islam is the dua to stop illegal relationship. A wife can go to any limit to get his husband back from another woman. This dua to break the unlawful relationship of the husband is one the best way for every wife to get her husband back.   

It is the basic desire of every wife to have full control of her husband to keep him loyal to her. There are some cases in which wife is very dominating, and their husbands have an illegal affair. When wives are dominating, they make their husband’s life very tough. That is why husbands start to look for some comfort outside the house. But still, having an illegal relationship is not right. To stop illegal relationships, a wife can read the dua to stop the illegal relationships.   

Many people perform this dua to stop illegal relationships in a wrong way so they have to face lots of consequences. This dua should be performed after taking complete knowledge from Islamic books. If you do not know how to perform this dua, do not hesitate to contact our Islamic expert. 

Islamic Dua To End A Haram Relationship

But the after effects of such marriage are being faced by the child. This generally happens in arrange marriages when a person does not get a partner of his choice naturally he would try to look for some other woman outside the house. This is one of the basic reasons for illegal affairs. It often happens in arrange marriages that the nature of husband and wife does not match with each other. This creates differences between them. After sometime husband find some other woman who matches his requirement and thus it is the beginning of illegal relationship. 

To stop such thing wife can go for the option of dua to break illegal relationship. In such cases there is no fault of wife. Wife is being forced by her parents to do arrange marriage. But still after marriage she tries to impress her husband. She tries to match the needs of her husband. But, still after making such efforts the husband is not satisfied by his wife. Husband tries to fulfill his need with some other woman. So, in such case wife can take the help of Dua to break illegal relationship.

Dua To Separate a Couple

A woman whose parents have forced her into an arranged marriage is not at fault. But still, after marriage, she tries to impress her husband. She tries to match the needs of her husband. But, still, after making such efforts, the husband is not satisfied with his wife. Husband tries to fulfill his need with some other woman. So, in such a case wife can take the help of Islamic dua to end a haram relationship. 

  • Firstly take a fresh shower after that make a fresh ablution.   
  • After that, find room for concentration for the performance of this dua.  
  • Sit on your prayer mat and read Durood Shareef 14 times.  
  • Then read this Dua to separate a couple “ Tabbat Yada aa Abeeee Laha. “ 987 times. 
  • After that, read Sana 98 times.  
  • Then read Surah Kafiroon 87 times.  
  • Then take a deep breath and take the photograph of the two people you want to separate.  
  • After that, blow your breath on both the photograph.  
  • Perform this Dua to separate a couple for 14 days.   

For any assistance in reading the Islamic dua to separate a couple, contact our Molvi Peer Muhammad Qadri Sahab. 

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