Benefits of Reciting Ayatul Kursi In Hindi 100 Times

Benefits of Ayatul Kursi

The benefits of ayatul kursi can be understood from the amazing quotes stated by the major Islamic personalities. Hazrat Ali has called ayatul-kursi as the chief of the ayats of the Holy Quran. According to Hazrat Ibn Masood (R.A), nothing loftier has been created in the skies or on earth according to Hazrat Ibn Masood (R.A). And, according to our beloved Prophet (S.A.W) (PBUH) whoever recites Ayatul Kursi will never be inflicted with any difficulty in his life or wealth, satan will not ever come to him and he will always remember the Quran.

With so many benefits of these incredible verses of the Holy Quran, you must practice it daily. There are 50 words in Ayatul Kursi and for every word you get a blessing. If you recite it for the dead, it will give noor in their graves. For those who are unaware of the ayats or have difficulty reading Arabic, you can get Ayat Kursi in Hindi. We will give you complete guidance in this regard and help you out in acknowledging the benefits and importance of reciting it. With our guidance, you can learn the ayats and also perform them with perfection.

The spiritual benefits of reading ayatul kursi hadith before sleep are very helpful. Whoever recites ayatul kursi Urdu before going to bed understand its importance and ayatul kursi benefits. Reading the ayatul kursi surah in English, Urdu or Hindi helps people in creating a special connection with Allah Taala. A person who read the Ayat Al Kursi before sleeping will be guarded by Shaitan while they sleep. Allah deputes two angel to protect that person from evil until dawn.

Ayat Kursi in Hindi

Ayat Kursi in Hindi

If you go out of your house and recite ayat-ul-kursi once, then a group of angels will protect you. If you are going to enter your house and you recite it, then Allah Talah will stop the entrance of satan to your house and bring calmness. Other amazing benefits of reciting ayatul kursi 100 times include that if you recite it after every namaz, then Allah Talah will make your heart thankful. If someone is affected by the evil eye, and you recite ayatul kursi hadith for them. Insha Allah, it will cure them. The spiritual benefits of ayatul kursi will bring them physical and mental ease.

If you haven’t already been aware of the benefits of these amazing verses of Surah Baqarah, then make it a habit of reciting them. Include it in your obligatory prayers and supplication and even encourage its recitation in your house so that everyone can benefit from it. Reciting Ayatul kursi in Hindi or English is equally beneficial if you recite it correctly. 

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Benefits of Reciting Ayatul Kursi 100 Times

अल्लाहु ला इला इल्लल्लाहुवल हय्युल क़य्यूमु 

ला तअ् खुज़ुहू सि तुंव ला नौम लहू मा फि़स्समावातिं मा 

फ़िल अर्ज़ि मन ज़ल्लज़ी यश् फ़उ अिनहू इल्ला बिइज़्निही 

यअ्लमु मा बै एेदीहिम मा ख़लफ़ हुम ला युहीतू 

बि शैइम मिन अिल्मि ही इल्ला बिमा शा सि कुर्सियुहूस्समावाति 

वल अर्ज़ि ला यऊदु हू हिफ़्जुहुमा हुवल अ़लीयुल अज़ीम!

It is one of the greatest verses of the Quran and said to help you in the toughest of your situation. Recite this ayatul kursi dua day and night to get as many benefits as you can from it. You can speak to our molvi sahib to know about the surah in detail. Recite the meaning of ayatul kursi dua to know how important it is. If you memorize it, then it is the best thing to do. However, if you don’t remember it, then read it from above to avail of its benefits.

To understand why is 41 times ayatul kursi benefits so important, get in touch with our Maulvi Sahab. You can also understand the benefits of reciting ayatul kursi 313 times or 170 times.

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