Dua for Love and Attention – Islamic Prayer for Lover

Dua For Love And Attraction

Dua For Love

Every person wishes to find a person who will love them the most. If you want to pray to Allah for meeting the love of your life, we suggest the powerful dua for love. The dua for finding love is a very special prayer for those people who want to find a lover. It is also very helpful for those people who already have a lover in life and want to live a happy life.

Sometimes because of a lack of proper understanding, lack of trust, or dua to the interference of a third person, your relationship with your lover gets problematic. If your lover has started hating you or ignoring you and you cannot bear that, then just perform a powerful Islamic dua for love.

The dua along with the Islamic prayer for love will help you wipe out all the problems from your relationship. It will make your relationship happy and content as before and all the issues will get resolved. The dua for love back in 3 days is strong and has the potential to sort out the tension between lovers with the grace of Allah Miyan.

So, if you want love from someone but you are not getting love, then you should immediately practice Islamic prayer for love also known as the dua for love. The prayer will help you win your lover’s heart and be their topmost priority. If your lover isn’t giving you enough time or attention, then Islamic prayer for love will bless you with their time and attention.

Loving and being loved in return is the biggest blessing in this world. Because only the person who doesn’t get true love knows how it feels to live without love.

Islamic Prayer For Love

Do you love someone but that person has no idea about it? If you are scared to propose to them directly, then you can make them confess love for you. Yes, Allah Talah has bestowed mankind with so many Islamic dua for love which will help you create love and attraction for you in anyone’s heart.

Just perform Islamic payer to create attention and Insha Allah, the person who has never looked at you will also love you with so much passion and intensity. Islamic prayer to create attention and Insha is mentioned below:

  • Begin this prayer on the Thursday of the new moon.Dua For Love
  • You can recite it at any point in the day.
  • Recite “Ya Wadoodo Ya Ra’ufoo Ya Raheemo” 300 times.
  • Recite Surah Yaseen 3 times.
  • Think about that person and make supplication.
  • Blow it on the person you love with a pure heart.
  • Insha Allah, very soon the Almighty Allah with their attention and love.

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Tilism To Create Attraction

If you have performed this dua for 41 days and have not got any result, then you should speak to our molvi Saab. He has a special tilism to create attraction. Yes, the tilsim will create love and attention in the heart of your love and melt his/ her heart for you.

The person you love will feel attracted to you and will want to spend more and more time with you. Insha Allah your desire will be fulfilled. Just speak to our Molvi Saab about what actually you want and he will make customize tilsim to create an attraction for you.

The tilsim to create attraction is nothing but ayats of the Quran and has no bad impact on anyone. You canfa keep it below the mattress of that person or bury it in the mud in their garden. It will show an amazing effect in just a few days. But, do not talk about it to anyone or its effect will come down.

To know more about the dua for attraction and love, you can talk to our Molana Ji directly. Our Molvi Ji will provide the best Quranic duas and wazifas for solving all your love, husband-wife, and marriage-related problems.

 Islamic Prayer For Love

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Pray For Someone You Love In Islam?

A person who loves someone wholeheartedly will always wish for success and happiness. If you wish to read a dua for the wellbeing of the person you love, you should read the dua for loved ones. If you wish to make the person you love fall in love with you then dua to make someone love you will help.

Which dua will bring back lost love in life?

Reading the most powerful dua for love back will help you in bringing back lost lover in your life. Follow this process for performing the dua for bringing back ex-lover.

· To bring back ex-lover, you have to perform this for at least 3 weeks.

· Before going to bed, recite Surah Al-Ikhlas 41 times.

· After the Surah Ikhlas, recite “Ya Lateefu” 131 times. Pray by making a dua to Allah that your former partner will fall in love with you again.

Is there a dua or wazifa to convince parents for love marriage in Islam?

Yes, there is a very powerful dua as well as a wazifa for convincing parents for love marriage. Any brother or sister can perform these duas and wazifas after consulting an expert Islamic scholar. Consult our Maulvi Sahab for the love marriage dua for convincing parents for accepting your lover.

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