7 Powerful Dua For Husband To Leave The Other Woman


As a wife, you want all the love of your husband. But what if you come to know that the love of your husband isn’t limited to you and he has another woman in his life? Wouldn’t that devastate you from the inside? Well, if you doubt that your husband is having a haram relation with another woman, then you should practice dua for husband to leave the other woman. The dua will force your husband to give up other relationships and become loyal to you.

Seeking the end of an extramarital relationship through dua is a sensitive matter. While dua can be a means of seeking guidance and resolution, it’s important to approach it with sincere intentions and awareness of the consequences. Here are seven potential benefits of making dua for a husband to leave the other woman:

  1. Guidance and Wisdom: Ask for Allah’s help in guiding your husband to understand how serious the situation is and to make choices that support his commitment to your marriage.
  2. Repentance and Forgiveness: Pray for forgiveness for any mistakes your husband may have made, and seek Allah’s mercy to create a possibility for healing and reconciliation.
  3. Strength and Patience: Request strength and patience in your prayers to help you handle this tough time with resilience and grace, giving room for potential healing.
  4. Rebuilding Trust: Use your prayers to rebuild trust by seeking Allah’s assistance in fixing the damage caused by the extramarital relationship.
  5. Protection of the Family: Seek Allah’s protection for your family and marriage to keep your relationship safe from further harm and negative influences.
  6. Improved Communication: Ask for improved communication between you and your husband through your prayers, creating an environment where problems can be openly discussed and resolved.
  7. Renewed Commitment: Hope for a renewed commitment from your husband to focus on and invest in your marriage, leaving behind any distractions or temptations.
  1. Nighttime Routine: Imagine that during the night, especially the last part when it’s really quiet, Allah is ready to listen to you like a friend. You can talk to Him about everything, especially if you’re feeling sad or need help.
  2. After Your Daily Prayers: Right after you finish your regular prayers, it’s like you’ve just finished talking to Allah. That’s a good time to ask for special things, like help for your family or friends.
  3. Friday Fun Day: Fridays are extra special! It’s like a superhero day. You can ask Allah for help on Fridays because that’s when good things are more likely to happen.
  4. Ramadan Nights: Imagine during the month of Ramadan, there are super, super special nights. On one of these nights, called Laylat al-Qadr, Allah is listening extra carefully. That’s the perfect time to ask for really important stuff.
  5. Superhero Pose: When you bow down during prayers, it’s like you’re giving a superhero pose. At that moment, you can ask Allah for help and tell Him everything you’re feeling.
  6. Darkness Before Sunrise: Right before the sun comes up, it’s super quiet. That’s another great time to talk to Allah. You can ask Him for help and say all the things that are on your mind.
  7. Say Sorry First: Imagine you did something wrong. Before you ask for anything, it’s good to say sorry. Ask Allah to forgive you, your family, and everyone else. Then, you can tell Him what you need help with.

Remember, the most important thing is to be honest and talk to Allah like you talk to a really close friend. He’s always there to listen!

Dua For Husband To Leave The Other Woman

  • Recite this wazifa on the Thursday night of a new moon
  • Recite Durood Shareef 11 times.
  • Then recite “La Ilaha Illa Anta Subhana Inni Kuntu Minaz Zalimeen” 1000 times.
  • Then recite Durood Shareef 11 times.
  • Pray to Allah Talah to send your husband back in your life and strengthen the bond between you two.
  • Insha Allah, within 21 days, your husband will definitely come back to you. It will miraculously happen because of the dua to separate husband from another woman.

Just practice dua for husband to leave the other woman and Insha Allah, soon your husband will leave her and come to you. As a wife, you always want to make your home and live a life filled with love, affection, and trust. But if your husband is not listening to you, then the only resort you have is to perform dua to get husband back and soon your husband will come back to you. If the other woman claims not to leave your husband, then don’t worry! This dua is very powerful and will definitely give you the desired results.

7 Points To Keep In Mind To Make this Dua Effective

If you want this Dua to be effective, you must follow all of following rules and conditions in order to see results:

  1. Your reasons for doing this should be true.
  2. Don’t use this dua for anything else that’s against the law, because it won’t work.
  3. Do this, Dua for husband cheating, in silence.
  4. Don’t tell anyone, because bad eyes can make things worse. 
  5. During their periods, women shouldn’t say this dua.
  6. All you have to do to do Dua is think of your husband with a pure heart.
  7. Keep saying that you believe in the all-powerful Allah.

How To Get Your Husband Back From Another Woman

If you are worried that your husband will start a new life with the other woman and leave you and the house, then this dua will help you. It will bring your husband back to you, making him apologize for his mistake. This strong wazifa is an Islamic remedy that helps Muslim wives to gain control over their husband and make them quit their haram relationships. If you are sad and want to give up on your relationship, then wait. This remedy has the power to make your marriage as it was before.

To perform the dua to make husband loyal, perform the process mentioned below: 

“Bismillahi Wal Hamdu Lillahi Subhanal Lazee Sakh Khara Lana Haza

Wama Kunna Lahu Mukrineen Wa Inna Ila Rabbina Lamun Qaliboon”

  • Recite this dua 101 times daily after the namaz of Asr.
  • Make sure you recite Durood Shareef thrice in the beginning and in the end.
  • Make dua to Allah Talah to forgive your sins and to make your husband loyal towards you. 

It is important to discuss the procedure of dua to get husband back from our molvi sb. He will guide you with the steps so that you do it in the right way. Never lose hope when you are praying and pleading in front of the Almighty. This Dua will create a rift between both of them and they will eventually separate. So, practice this dua to end that illegal relation. Don’t let it prosper for another day and keep practicing it till it is completely over.

Dua To protect Husband From Another Woman

  • Do your ablutions properly. Purifying the body and soul need ablutions.
  • Make dua in a quiet environment.
  • Recite Surah An-Nas verses.
  • Make heartfelt dua in your own words
  • Express your true feelings to Allah.
  • Ask God to guide and protect your husband from other woman. Ask Allah to shield him from temptation and wickedness.
  • Be persistent in your dua and trust that Allah will answer your prayers in His time and method.

This process can also be performed for the dua to protect husband from another woman. In case, the lady has done some black magic on your husband, then maybe your husband doesn’t come back. In such a situation, speak to our molvi sahab for very strong wazifa to get back husband from other woman.

A Dua to protect husband from another woman will assist you in regaining your husband’s affection and attention, both of which were previously directed toward the other lady. In addition to this, it will assist in the growth of a solid bond between you and your husband.

  • Set your mind on doing the dua to keep your husband from cheating on you.
  • Recite verse 102 from Surah Al Imran.
  • Pray the dua with all your heart.
  • Sincerely ask Allah to keep your husband faithful to you and to shield him from all other ladies.
  • Have faith that Allah will listen to your petitions and grant your wishes.
  • Have faith in Allah’s plan and practice patience. We owe whatever we have to Allah’s grace and mercy.

Is your husband being disloyal to you? Do you think that your husband is getting attracted to another woman? Do you want to immediately put an immediate full-stop to all of this?

Well, one of the best remedies to protect your husband from having an extramarital relationship and cheating on you is to practice dua for cheating husband. The dua will help you in keeping your husband in your control and arousing Imaan and love for you. Insha Allah, he will never ever think of cheating on you.

If you feel the need to save your relationship from another woman and want to stop your husband from cheating on you, then dua to protect husband from another woman is the best possible solution for you.

  1. Take a nice shower and wear clean clothes.
  2. Say “Durood e Ibrahim” three times.
  3. Recite Surah Taha (20:25-28).
  4. Picture your husband in your mind and say his name.
  5. Finally, ask Allah to help your husband stop cheating.

Repeat this prayer for two weeks, and Inshallah, your husband will stop cheating. If you have doubts or need quick help, talk to our expert, Molvi Peer Mohammad Qadri, on WhatsApp for more powerful prayers.

To protect your marriage and prevent any unfaithfulness, you can recite the following personalized dua with sincerity:

“Allah, the Protector of hearts and bonds, shield my marriage from any harm. Illuminate our relationship with trust, love, and loyalty. Grant my husband a heart devoted to our sacred union, and protect him from the temptation of any wrongful paths. Strengthen our connection, make our love resilient, and fortify our commitment. O Allah, with Your grace, envelop us in a protective shield that wards off any negative influences. May our bond be a beacon of fidelity and understanding. Ameen.”

The most effective prayer for a husband who may be cheating is: “Qaala Rabbish rah lee sadree wa yassir leee amree wahlul’ uqdatan milli saanee yafqahoo qawlee.” Say this prayer after each prayer to seek Allah’s help in saving your marriage.

If you suspect that your husband might be cheating or getting involved in something he shouldn’t, it can make you really sad. You love him and don’t want your relationship to fall apart. Luckily, there’s a solution called “Dua for cheating husband.”

Here are some simple and effective tips to prevent your husband from getting involved with other women:

  1. Open Communication: Make it a habit to talk openly about your feelings and concerns with your husband.
  2. Express Your Love: Regularly remind your husband of your love and appreciation for him.
  3. Quality Time Together: Spend meaningful time together to strengthen your connection and bond.
  4. Stay Calm: Avoid unnecessary arguments and calmly express your worries or concerns.
  5. Encourage Sharing: Create a comfortable environment for your husband to openly share his thoughts and feelings.
  6. Build Trust: Work on developing a strong foundation of trust in your relationship.
  7. Seek Repentance: Encourage seeking forgiveness from Allah (SWT) for any mistakes or shortcomings.
  8. Emotional Intimacy: Foster a deeper emotional connection between both of you.
  9. Discuss Future Plans: Have conversations about shared goals and dreams, supporting a sense of commitment.

Remember, these small efforts can go a long way in maintaining a healthy and strong relationship with your husband.

This article shares a strong “Dua for a husband to leave the other woman” along with steps for sisters facing marriage challenges. If you sincerely perform this dua, there’s hope that your husband will end the relationship with the other woman.

The dua has proven effective in bringing husbands back, and we believe it can work for you too. It aims to seek Allah’s blessings for your marriage and prevent extramarital affairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Permissible to Use Wazifa to Control My Husband?

Many sisters and wives seek clarity on whether it’s permissible to use wazifa to influence or control their husband’s behavior. They may want to know if such practices align with Islamic principles.

Which Wazifa Should I Use to Improve My Relationship with My Husband?

Women may ask for guidance on selecting an appropriate wazifa to foster love, understanding, and cooperation in their marriage. They seek recommendations for specific supplications or practices.

First, be careful not to jump to conclusions without solid evidence. Look out for behaviors that might indicate your husband is not being honest in your relationship. If you notice these signs and feel like he might be doing something wrong, it’s essential to talk to him openly and calmly. This way, you can understand the situation better and avoid making unfair accusations in your marriage.

What If My Husband’s Behavior Does Not Change After Performing Wazifa?

Some women may experience frustration if they do not see immediate results after performing a wazifa. They may ask for advice on patience and persistence in the process.

Are There Alternatives to Wazifa for Resolving Marital Issues?

Women may seek alternative methods for addressing marital concerns and improving their relationship with their husbands, such as counseling, open communication, and seeking guidance from religious scholars.

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