Surah Fatir Ayat 22 Wazifa For Love

Surah Fatir Ayat 22 Wazifa For Love

Every individual fights so many battles in his day to day life. Whether it is related to work or marriage, love or health, you will face hardships and deal with them. However, with the kalam of Allah Subhana Wa’ Tala, all your problems tend to lighten up. Understanding the Surah Fatir wazifa can be a helpful in making things better.

So, if you want to make things better in your life, then you should recite the holy Quran and pray namaz. One such wazifa which eases your love related issue is surah Fatir ayat 22 wazifa for love.

The Surah Fatir ayat is known to bring adornment and love in the heart of the person you like. It will wipe out all the distances and problems from you and your lover. Do you think that you are in a loveless marriage and every day passes no less than a burden between you and your partner?

If yes, then Surah Fatir aayat 22 wazifa for love will ease your situation. You should acknowledge the Innallaha Yusmiu’ Man Yashao benefits to know what magic it can bring in your life.

Surah Fatir Benefits

Dua To Make Your Lover Listen To You
Similarly if you want your love to stay strong and never get parted from you, then you should perform Surah Fatir ayat 22 wazifa for love for it. It will create strong bond between you and your partner. It will renew their old love and rekindle the fire of love in their hearts.

If your lover doesn’t listen to you and doesn’t give you much time and attention, then Innallaha Yusmiu Man Yashao meaning in Urdu is all you need. It will make your lover acknowledge your importance in their life and he/she will start giving you your due importance.

With plethora of Innallaha Yusmiu’ Man Yashao benefits, you should practice the dua all your life. It will bring love in the hearts of couples. The dua brings two partners close to each other and never allows any differences to creep in.

So, practice surah Fatir ayat 22 wazifa for love with great sincerity and dedication and Insha Allah, all you desire will come to you. If you want to marry your lover as soon as possible but he is not ready for it, then dua to make your lover listen to you will help you out. You can get its procedure from our experienced molvi sb.

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Surah Fatir ayat 22 wazifa for love is as follows:

“Wa Ma Yas Tawil Ahya oo Wala Amwa Tu Innal Laaha

Yusmi’yu Man Yashao Wama Anta Bi Mus Mi In Man Fil Kuboor”

Recite this dua as many times as you can and pray for your love. Ask Allah Subhana Wa’ Tala to bring barakat to your relationship and ease your bond!

Insha Allah, with the grace of Allah Miyan soon things will get better. You will not suffer any further in your love life or married life. If you have any further questions about the practice of innallaha yusmiu mayasha hu or its benefits, then you can consult our molvi sahab for it.


Surah Fatir Ayat 22 Benefits

Before finding out how to read the surah Fatir ayat 22, people must find out the meaning of this prayer. The Surah Fatir is the 35th chapter of the holy Quran that consists of a total of 46 verses. This surah increases the faith of the people who follow Islam.

Let us now give you an insight into what Surah Al-Fatir means for the Muslims worldwide.

” Surah Al-Fateer tells us about the powers of Allah SWT which are unlimited. His power can even make the stones to hear. Those who disbelieve in the powers of the Almighty will be given severe punishment. Those who do good to others as per the guidance of the Lord, will be rewarded.”

For more information about the Surah Al-Fatir ayat benefits, contact our Maulvi Sahab.

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