Dua For Blessings in Marriage – Wishes For Newly Married Couple


It is the most beautiful feeling in the world to get married. Marriage is the blessing of Allah and it is important to keep this blessing paak by using dua for blessings in marriage. This is a strong dua for marriage blessings for marital couples.

It is important to have a happy and peaceful married life as this relationship affects a lot of relationships.

Dua For A Blessed Marriage

You will never be happy if your marriage is failing every single day and are struggling with modern relationship problems.

That is why we are sharing with you a dua for blessings in marriage that will maintain the sanctity of your marriage and will also protect it from any negativity.

This powerful dua for blessings in marriage is a blessing by Allah for everyone who wishes to maintain their relationship and marriage. This ritual to perform dua for blessings in marriage:

  1. Perform ablution.
  2. Now recite Durood E Sharif 11 times.
  3. Now recite Ayat al kursi 77 times.
  4. Next up, pray Allah to bless your marriage.
  5. Complete the ritual by reading Surah Yasin thrice.

Perform this ritual for 11 days. You can continue this process for as long as you want to maintain a happy and loving married life. You can also read the benefits of reciting Ayatul Kursi for getting blessings on marriage. 

Dua For Marriage To Happen Soon

Dua For Marriage To Happen Soon

If your marriage is on hold for various reasons, we suggest performing this dua to hurry up the process. This is a special dua for early marriage for all those people who wish to speed up their marriage process. Perform this dua for marriage to happen soon 300 times for 21 days:

Rabbana hablana min azwajina wadhuriy yatina, qurata, ayioni waa-ialna lil-muttaqena imaama

 Inshallah! You will see how smooth and trouble-free your marriage process will become.

There are many reasons why a marriage may get put on hold, but if you don’t know what’s going on and your wedding continues to set back, it’s possible that someone is practicing black magic on your marriage. It is very important to consult molvi Ji for the removal of black magic as this can lead to very serious consequences. If you think black magic is delaying your marriage, contact our molvi Sahab. Dua for love marriage will also help you in getting married to the person you love soon. 

Islamic Wishes For Newly Married Couples

Islamic Wishes For Newly Married Couples

Lastly, we have Islamic wishes for newly married couples. Our collection of Islamic wishes for newlyweds might help you wish your friend, sister, or brother a joyful marriage:

Oh Allah, bless them. Bless them with untold happiness and joy. They may love each other and cherish each other forever.

May Allah strengthen the knot that keeps your hearts together and blesses two hearts with faith and love for each other! Happy wedding!

We hope that we were able to help you in some way. If you wish to contact our molvi Saab for any assistance you can contact him via the number +91-8306324220.

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