Durood Shareef – Benefits of Reciting Durood Pak 1000 Times

As-Salam Alaikum my Islamic brothers and sisters, It is always said that one should recite Durood Shareef with a lot of respect and affection. The recitation depicts your love for our Beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam (PBUH). The more durood you send on our beloved Prophet (PBUH) the more Durood Shareef benefits you can avail, here and hereafter. In one of the Hadith, it is said that the person who sends maximum Darood pak to me will stand closest to me. Here, we shall explain to you the right Durood Shareef benefits and how they can change your life completely.

Benefits of reciting Durood 1000 times on Friday:

  • Durood Shareef brings you closer to Allah and his beloved Prophet (PBUH).
  • Reciting Durood means you are obeying Allah Subhana Wa Tala’s command.
  • It is the duty of every Momin to send Durood Shareef to Holy Prophet (SAW) (PBUH)

According to a hadith, the benefits of reciting Durood 1000 times include “the person who recites Durood on Prophet (SAW) (PBUH) will not die till he sees his abode in paradise. Subhan Allah, what more could a momin desire. What more could you want from Allah Talah?

Procedure to recite Darood Pak:

  • You can recite Darood Pak at any time of the day.
  • You can pick any Durood you want, the best one is Durood e Ibrahimi.
  • You can recite as many Darood Pak as you want and pray to Allah Talah for any of your hajat or for your past sins.
  • Insha Allah, the Almighty will bring Barakat to everything in your life.

Darood Pak should be recited with a lot of purity, affection, devotion, and right intention. Make sure you make ablution and send Durood-o-salaam in the best way.

According to a Muslim Hadith, he who send Darood Pak on Prophet (PBUH) once, Allah sends Darood on him 10 times.

Darood e sharif

Even the angels send durood on the person till the time that person recites Darood e sharif. No matter what problem you are facing in life, no matter if you want to make your life and hereafter better, Darood e sharif will bring relief to all your problems. It will ease your hindrances and make you flourish. Darood e sharif blesses a person more than he can even imagine. You cannot even comprehend the benefits of reciting Darood e sharif on Friday.

Recite darood e ibrahimi 10 times in the morning and 10 times in the evening to seek help holy Prophet (SAW) (PBUH) on the Judgment day. Once you include Darood e Ibrahimi in your supplications, the chance of getting your dua accepted increases. If you are facing problems in your rizq, then Darood e sharif will end your poverty and misery and resolve all your issues.

Recitation of Darood pak purifies the heart. It is the key to success. So, just come to us and get the right Durood Shareef for you and practice it as much as possible to get your sins forgiven. Insha Allah, your life will get simpler and prosperous.

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