Dua To Forget Someone You Love Completely in Islam


Dua To Forget Someone You Love; Love is a very nice and complicated thing. When two people are in relationship they try spends their entire life together. But when these two gets separated then it becomes very difficult for them to spend their entire life alone. It is not easy to love another person when you have already had a breakup.

When you already have a break up then it becomes really to trust another person. When our relationship ends with our lover then it becomes very difficult to forget our lover. Whole day we try to remember all the best moments that we spend with our lover. 

But, it is also very important to move ahead in our lives. We can’t spend our entire life thinking about our lover. Islamic dua to forget someone you love will help us in erasing our lover from our minds. It is not easy to forget the person whom we have loved so much.

Islamic dua to forget someone you love will help us in achieving our goal. Islamic dua to forget someone you love should be performed in a single room.

Dua To Stop Loving Someone

Sometimes we want to sit alone but there are some people who are not ready to leave us alone. To get rid of such people we can practice dua to move on from someone. It will help you in getting rid of the people who are not ready to leave you alone. Often we have friends who are always trying to interfere in our lives.

Every human needs space in his life. We all need a time where we can sit alone and think about our lives. We all need separate time to think about all the things that is happening in our lives. If we are not able to get such time then we starts to get irritate. Nobody can always talk with someone. Every person in this world wants some quality time sitting alone. 

We all want to get rid of such partner who is always interfering in our lives. Dua To Stop Loving Someone will help you in getting rid of a toxic partner. Similarly we all have such family members who are always interfering in our lives.

This is really irritating for any person when he is not able to get separate time for himself. When a person gets some separate time he becomes relax and thus he can focus in his work. Dua to make someone leave you alone should be done after Zohar Namaz.


Dua To Stop Thinking About Someone

When a person has gone through heartbreak, the feeling of sadness and despair is unimaginable. The dua to stop thinking about someone is a prayer that will help people in forgetting about the heartbreak. The dua to forget someone and to stop thinking about someone helps people find clarity in mind. With a clear mind, they will be able to find the strength to move on in life. We are now going to tell you how to perform the dua to forget someone and move on in life.

  • The person performing this dua to stop thinking about someone should make fresh ablution.
  • After that read Durood E Ibrahim for 25 times.
  • Then read this Dua “ Ya Wadoodo” 148 times.
  • After that change your clothes and take a elaichi.
  • After that read Surah Kausar for 147 times.
  • After reading Surah Kausar,  eat that elaichi.
  • Then take the name of the person whom you don’t want to think about.
  • Perform this dua to stop thinking about someone for 3 days.

Dua To Forget Someone You Love 

Ending a relationship can be difficult, and it can be hard to move on after the breakup. If you find yourself struggling to forget someone you love, there are a few steps you can take:

  • Allow yourself time to accept the relationship’s ending.
  • Allow yourself to feel your emotions, and don’t try to push them away.
  • Put forth an effort to interact socially. Let your friends and family support you during this time.
  • Focus on your personal growth and development.

Spend time on activities that make you happy and fulfilled, and remember to care for yourself physically and emotionally. Praying and reciting a dua to forget someone you love can also help. Spend some time each day expressing gratitude for what you have, and ask for guidance and strength as you move forward.

For any further query on dua to stop thinking about someone, call our molvi Sahab. You can contact him to learn how to forget someone in Islam by reading dua to get over someone. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When using Islamic Wazifa, how can you make yourself forget someone?

The Wazifa that is used to forget a loved one can actually be used to forget anyone. You need to have confidence in the all-powerful Allah SWT and pray to him to improve the quality of your life by erasing all memories of your former partner. Only then will you be able to move on.

Is there a Dua that can help one forget that particular person?

A prayer titled “Dua for Someone to Come Back” may be of use to you in your efforts to get him back into your life. But if you believe that you have exhausted all possible options and are still unable to bring him or her back into your life, keep reading.

Therefore, it is a difficult circumstance for you to be in. There is no specific form of the Du’aa that can be used for this. The power of Duaa increases when it is spoken in the person’s own words.

Is there a surah that will help me entirely forget someone that I love?

The ability of Surah to redirect our thoughts and intentions toward healing, rather of focusing on the pain of loss and rejection, is the source of its efficacy in helping us forget a person. We make room inside ourselves for good change to take hold when we divert our attention away from distressing feelings and toward the process of healing.

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