Wazifa and Dua For Good Luck and Wealth


Dua For Good Luck

With luck on your side, you literally become unstoppable. Success depends only on two things, hard work and luck. If you feel that you aren’t very lucky and anything you put your hands into ends up badly, then you shouldn’t lose hope. The dua for good luck will Insha Allah help you win against the odds and boost your destiny. It will help you get desired results in anything you want and put your efforts into it. 

No matter you wish to invest somewhere or start a new business, the wazifa for good luck and wealth is a great boon for you. It enhances your chances of being successful in all your attempts. Dua for good luck will help you earn big in any business or work opportunity you put your hands into. It will wipe out all the hurdles from your path and make your success in everything in life.

If you are into a job, then dua for good luck and success will enhance your chances of promotion. You may not be confident about your decisions but the dua will not let you make any bad decisions and whatever step you will take for your business, will bring you only positive results.

Wazifa for Good Luck and Wealth

Wazifa for Good Luck and Wealth

Very often bad luck troubles you and hampers all the tasks you do. It can bring great loss and financial burden on you and affect your life. If you recite dua for good luck in life, it will boost your chances of getting through the bad phase and make the right decision at the right time. It will increase your odds of seeing things clearly and avoid making any wrong decision. The dua will help you combat the toughest situations of your life and emerge victoriously.

Sometimes your fate may not work because of the effect of black magic. If you feel that something has devastatingly affected your luck and things have suddenly started getting bad, then you should instantly visit our molvi sahib for it. He will give you the best dua for good luck and fortune which will help you in getting through anything.

The dua for good luck will wipe out the bad effect of black magic and boost your fortune to bring you good. However, make sure you practice the dua with great sincerity and faith. Also, ensure that you only use your luck for good activities and not for haram things such as gambling. If you do so, then you may have to suffer the consequences.

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Dua For GoodLuck And Wealth

Reading the dua for good luck and wealth is a process one should perform after consulting an Islamic scholar. We suggest you to first consult our Molvi ji before you begin to try the process of the dua for good fortune and wealth we have mentioned below. 

The dua for good luck and success is an Islamic prayer for luck. This Muslim prayer for luck is helpful for those who are hardworking and want to get benefits of a good fortune. This Muslim prayer is also known as the dua for good fortune. It has the power to bring in positive vibes in the life of a person so that they get to experience the best things in life. 

Dua for Good Luck In Life is given below:

  • After performing the Fajr salah, you should continue sitting on the prayer mat.
  • Recite “Subhanal Laahi Wa Bi Hamdihi Subhanal Laahil Azeem” 313 times.
  • Recite Astagfirullah 100 times before reading the dua for good luck in Arabic. 
  • Then make dua for good luck to Allah Talah in Arabic. You can get the dua for luck and wealth in English or Hindi from our Islamic scholar. 
  • Continue reciting the Islamic prayer for luck for 41 days and Insha Allah, you will see how good luck will come to you.

No matter you need luck for your studies, business, or career, the dua will give you an immense boost and help you make the right decisions. For any further help about the dua for good luck in business, you can approach our molvi sahib and get his direct help.  

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