Dua To Make Your Wife Love You

Dua To Make Your Wife Love You Now

Islam is a religion of equality and trust. So, if a husband is liable to fulfil all his duties and love his wife, then a wife must love her husband and fulfil her house’s needs. However, sometimes, a husband starts losing interest in the house when his wife is not loving and caring. But, with the help of dua to make your wife love you, you can change the very nature of your wife. Insha Allah, your wife, will change, and she will start loving you. Islamic prayer for my wife will make your spouse begin caring for you and obeying you as every wife does.

Dua To Make Your Wife Love You

A husband who submits his desires to the will of Allah Subhana Wa’ Tala and relies on the blessings of our Prophet Muhammad Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam will surely be loved by his wife, in the coming time Insha Allah. If your wife treats you badly and is only concerned about her home and maternal relations, then just perform dua to make my wife love me and Insha Allah, she will change. She will start taking interest in you and will forget her maternal home. Because of the dua for your spouse to love you, she will dedicate herself towards you and her new life. 


Dua To Make Your Wife Obedient

After a whole day at work or in the office, a husband desires to get love from his wife at home. He wants to be well-treated and to be cared. But if your wife is not doing these things for you, then do not worry. It is heart wrenching to hear that your wife doesn’t treat you as she should. But being a good husband you should forgive her to save her akhirah and guide her. Just pray to Allah Talah and recite dua to make your wife obedient and Insha Allah, she will change not just as a wife but as a person. Dua for my wife to love me will melt her heart and she will recognize your importance in this world and the world hereafter

Dua To Make Your Wife Love You

Powerful Dua To Make Your Wife Love You

In order to get powerful dua to make your wife love you, it is important to contact our molvi saab. Just talk to him about your sufferings and he shall give you the best possible remedy for your solution. Insha Allah, your problems will get solved by reading the dua to make wife love you. You can also begin sending your wife to masturaat jamaat so that she may develop the fear of Allah Talah and understand the punishments of disobeying a husband from Allah Talah. Insha Allah. When you perform the powerful dua to make your wife love you, she will become  a good wife.

The process of dua to make your wife love you stepwise:

Recite this beautiful name of Allah Talah 1000 times once a day. Insha Allah, your wife will become exactly the way you want her to be.

Ya Mughni

हां मुघनी

يا مغني

In case of any guidance, feel free to contact our Islamic scholar about the prayer for my wife in Islam. You can call him for the dua for first meeting with wife as well. 

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