Dua For Husband To Stop Bad Habits

Dua To Stop Bad Habits

Islamic dua to stop bad habits: Addiction to a bad habit is not healthy at all for any man or woman. Addiction is generally defined as an obsession or an excessive dependency over something. People get addicted to a drug, alcohol, or cigarettes, or gambling or any other similar bad activities. Today, we might live in a society where people think that these bad habits of addiction are cool and fun. But in Islam – it is a sin which means it is haram for our Muslim brothers or sisters to practice them. AstagFirullah!!

So, if you are a Muslim and a true follower of Islam, then we request you to kindly stop it or quit your addiction towards such activities. The wazifa for bad habits will help you in quitting gambling or any other haram activity. Yes, no matter what of addiction it is, the dua for removing bad habits has the power to kill it forever. The wazifa for removing bad habits will enhance your will power and confidence level so that you can collect the courage to say NO to the bad habits. 

Wazifa For Bad Habits

No matter what kind of addiction you have, Insha Allah thewazifa for bad habits cure will treat all of it. This wazifa for removing bad habits will help you in transforming your life and making it better. 

The wazifa for removing bad habits – “Waa ahhdee yaaqaa eelaa rabbeeka fataqh shaa!”

Dua For Husband To Stop Bad Habits

Before reciting the dua to get rid of addiction, we request you to repeat 

  • BISMILLAH HIR RAHMAN NIR RAHEEM”, at least three times.
  • After this, you can recite a tasbeeh of the above-given dua to get rid of addiction i.e. a hundred times.
  • In the end, recite the Durood e Taj Shareef, approx. 3 times.
  • Perform this wazifa for bad habits to stop before going to sleep that is after Namaz E Esha.
  • Use the dua to get rid of addiction to request Almighty to help you in quitting your bad habits.

Dua For Husband To Stop Bad Habits

The dua for removing bad habits can be performed on behalf of someone as well. For instance, if your husband has a bad habit, for example, then you can use the dua for husband to stop bad habits for him to quit gambling. Yes, if your husband is not ready to listen to you at any cost, then only the dua to quit bad habits can help you. 

Many times, our sisters are very much worried because of their husband’s ill habits. These habits destroy the peaceful and happy environment of the house. In such a situation, the wife can visit us to get the dua for husband to stop bad habits. This dua to stop addiction will make the environment of the house, better. 

If you do not want your husband to lose anymore in gambling, you must get the dua to stop gambling from our Islamic scholar. Call or message on the number +91-8306324220 or connect with him on Instagram.

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