Dua For Good Wife – Islamic Dua To Get Your Wife Back

Dua For Good Wife

Does your wife ill-treat your freedom? Does she take you for granted and doesn’t listen to you? Does she speaks badly to you and has no guilt in her heart for this? Well, Allah Miyan will never forgive such wives. However, you can make the hereafter better for you wife by reciting dua for wife to return back be obedient. Dua For Good Wife will make your wife realize her mistake and speak to you properly with respect. It will make your wife be obedient and do everything as per your will. 

If your wife doesn’t care how she talks to you, and in front of whom she talks to you and she just disregards anything you do for her, then one of the best ways to change her is by reciting duas for a good wife. The duas will change the bad temper and nature of your wife and make her rational, pious and genuinely good. It will transform her as a person and she will start treating you nicely. The dua for a good wife will make her a better wife and she will never bring any disgrace to you or your name.

Islamic Dua To Get Your Wife Back

Islamic Dua To Get Your Wife Back
If your wife has the problem of just going to her father’s place over small issues and she makes a mountain out of a mustard seed, then you should recite dua for wife to return back be obedient. Insha Allah, she will give up this habit of her and become a good wife. She will be obedient and will do things as you want her to do.  If your wife has left you and wants to divorce you for no appropriate reason but you don’t want this to happen, then you should recite
Islamic dua to get your wife back. The dua will bring your wife back to you and she will stop the separation procedure instantly. 

It is important to contact our molvi sb. before you start practicing the Islamic dua to get your wife back. He will give you proper guidance in this regard. Never lose your faith in Allah Talah and keep praying to Him to make things better in your life and Insha Allah, one day things will be in your favor. If your wife is angry with you over your mistake and left the house, then duas for wife to return back be obedient will ease the situation for you and bring your wife back with a cool mind and loving heart.

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Dua For Wife To Return Back Be Obedient

Dua For Wife To Return Back Be Obedient

  • Make fresh ablution and sit on the prayer mat
  • Recite this dua after the namaz of Maghrib.
  • Recite Durood Ibrahim 111 times.
  • Then make duas to Allah Talah to make your wife come back to you.
  • Recite this dua for 7 days without any gap
  • Insha Allah, after 7 days your wife will come back to you.  She will start missing you and will forgive you for any of your mistake and if she is at mistake, then she will repent miserably.
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