Manpasand Ki Shadi Ka Amal – Jaldi Pasand Ki Shadi Ka Qurani Amal 5 (6)

Jaldi Pasand Ki Shadi Ka Qurani Amal

Manpasand Ki Shadi Ka Amal Agar aap jaldi se pasand ki shadi karna chahte hai. Ya fir pasand ki shadi k liye apni waldein ko manana chahte hai. Ya fir aap kisi ko pasand karke unse nikah karna chahte hai. Toh, aap hamara bataya hua Manpasand ki shadi ka amal zarur istemal kare. Yani ki … Read more

Istikhara for Having Baby or Getting Pregnant – Istikhara Dua For Wife 4.7 (3)

Istikhara for Having Baby or Getting Pregnant

Istikhara for Having Baby Istikhara is the physical power to seek spirituality for better actions. Istikhara means seeking the assistance of Allah Talah for any decision of your life. If you wish to take any important decision of your life, then remember no one but only the Almighty Allah is your caretaker in this world. … Read more

Istikhara Dua For Future in English – Istikhara For Seeing Future 5 (2)

Istikhara Dua For Future in English

Do you wish to know what future holds for you? Do you want to get an idea what your upcoming life would be like? Well, everyone hopes to have a good and prosperous future for himself and his offspring. You never want your children to have any financial problem like you. One way to know … Read more

Istikhara Wazifa For Cheating Husband Wife 5 (4)

istikhara for cheating husband wife

Wazifa To Stop Cheating Husband Wazifa to stop husband cheating: In our day to day lives, we often see our Muslim sisters facing marital issues and one of the most common of them all is their husbands cheating on them. Yes, a lot of Muslim husbands are seen as having an extramarital affair which is … Read more

Get Istikhara Dua To Save Marriage – Salatul Istikhara To Get Married 5 (4)

Get Istikhara Dua To Save Marriage

Get Istikhara Dua To Save Marriage It is very important to seek Allah’s guidance and help before taking the most important decisions of your life. And, salatul istikhara is one of the most efficient ways to gain Allah’s approval or denial on something, to find whether you are on the right track or not. Marriage … Read more

Dua for Heart Pain – Allah Prayer About Heart 3.5 (4)

Dua for Heart Pain

Dua For Heart Pain Each and every organ is important for the human body but it is the heart that keeps the body alive. Imagine if the heart fails to pump blood, what will happen? Today a lot of people are becoming heart patients because of the surrounding pollution, distressing life, and their eating, smoking … Read more

Mohabbat Paida Karne Ki Dua and Amal – Mohabbat Ka Wazifa 3 (7)

muhabbat paida karne ki dua

Mohabbat Paida Karne Ki Dua  Miya biwi mein mohabbat paida karne ka amal behad khaas hai aur Allah Talah ko khasa pasand hai. Ye amal un jodo ke liye behad mufeed hai jinki shadi ko kaafi waqt ho gaya hai aur dheere dheere muhabbat kam ho rahi hai. Jab aap miya biwi mein mohabbat paida … Read more

Maa Baap Ya Ghar Walo Ko Shadi Ke Liye Manane Ka Wazifa aur Dua 4.5 (2)

maa baap ko shadi ke liye manane ki dua

Ghar Walo Ko Shadi Ke Liye Manane Ka Wazifa  Kya aap jinko pasand karte hai wo kisi aur mazhab ke hai? Kya is wajah se aapke waldein aapki shadi ke liye nahi maan rahe? Aap ghar walo ko shadi ke liye manane ka wazifa parhe. Insha Allah, dono taraf ke log hasi khushi aapki shadi … Read more

Islamic Wazifa For Making Someone Love You Instantly 3.5 (15)

Islamic wazifa to make someone love you

When you fall in love with someone, you just fail to acknowledge the other important facts of the life you’re living. You only want to win that person for you and wish that all her/ his time, love and effort is just for you. However, does this laila-majnu love story happen in real world?? Well, … Read more

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