Istikhara Dua For Future in English – Istikhara For Seeing Future

Do you wish to know what future holds for you? Do you want to get an idea what your upcoming life would be like? Well, everyone hopes to have a good and prosperous future for himself and his offspring. You never want your children to have any financial problem like you. One way to know your future is to do istikhara Dua for future. The istikhara will reveal you how your future is going to be. It will explain you whether your future is bright or dark and then you can take steps for that.

Istikhara Dua For Future

The istikhara for future gives you an alert about the kind of future a person will be having. It is the direct guidance from Allah Talah and hence whatever signal you have got ought to be correct. Hence, once you know what your fate is, you can actually make efforts and to correct things and change it for your better. Sometimes, when things go wrong, people always say “I wish I had an idea about my future” Well, the istikhara dua for future is your way to get an idea about your future and is the most effective way to find it out.

Istikhara Dua For Future

Insha Allah, you will get the exact details in your dreams. You should follow them to get the best results for you. If the person wants to know the result of any job he has done or any exam he has given, then he can perform the istikhara dua for future to know about it. Insha Allah, you will know about it on the very first night. In case, you don’t know the istikhara dua for future, you can seek help of our Molvi Sab. He will give the istikhara dua for future in English. Or if you don’t know English, you can get the dua in Hindi too.

Istikhara Dua For Seeing Future in English and Hindi

The process of istikhara is very simple but it needs to be performed with great sincerity and dedication. You should have complete faith in Allah SubhanaWa’ Tala and the procedure of istikhara dua for future in English. Insha Allah, with firm faith and belief, you will get instant guidance from Allah Talah, the very night you perform it. The process of istikhara for future is given below:

Recite two rakat namaz nafil after taking bath. After salam fall in sajdah and recite this dua thrice:

Astakheerul Laaha Fi Ja’ mee Umuri Kulliha Khairatan Fi Aafiyatin

After this dua pray to Allah Talah to guide you with something related to your future and go to sleep. Insha Allah, the very night, you will find out what is the result of your task or what your future will be like. Once you know the future you can practice dua for better future to make your future bright and take steps to undo the wrongs you have done.

Insha Allah, everything will gradually be alright. In case you don’t see any sign on the first night, you should practice it again in the coming nights. You can do it till 7 nights.


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