Dua To Break Someone Engagement


Aslam Alaikum to all of our Brothers and Sisters. Today We present to you the most powerful Dua to break someone Engagement. This article outlines six powerful Dua (Supplications) that can break someone’s engagement or marriage. You have the choice to recite any dua or prayer you wish. Every Dua is derived From The Holy Book Of the Quran and explained in the correct Islamic Halal Way. 

Dua To Break Someone Engagement 

The “Dua to break someone engagement” is used if your ex-lover is marrying someone else and you wish to stop them. In Islam, there is no way to be permissible for a man or woman to be forced to marry someone. It is a violation of the meaning of marriage in itself. 

Sometimes parents and relatives do not understand their and children see them as burdens. They marry their children to anyone they want and don’t care if they’re genuinely content.   They think their duty and responsibility are over. However, this could lead to their child’s life getting destroyed. The wazifa to break someone engagement or marriage is a solution for such a difficult situation.

Some Recommendations Before Reading Dua To Break Someone Engagement: 

  • For the best outcomes, it is recommended to begin this ritual early morning or during adhan. 
  •  Do this “Dua to End Someone Engagement” facing the Qibla since it is a direction of divine grace.   
  • One must make dua for breakup with a clear and concentrated mind. 
  •  Start dua by reciting “Astaghfirullah” x3 times (To show regret for your sins).   
  • Don’t give up; be patient, and don’t be upset even if you don’t receive an immediate response. 
  • Allah accepts us with tremendous respect and has determined an appropriate time to fulfil your wishes. 

Perform Dua To Break Someone Engagement Step By Step: 

Important Note: Recite this prayer after Fajr Morning Prayer to maximize the effect. 

  •   Cleanse yourself properly and sit in a calm area.     
  •  Recite Rakat Tahajjud Namaz twice as the first step for this prayer.   
  • Repeat DUROOD E-INAAM eleven times. 
  •  Then, Read Surah of Al-Jathiyah (5) three times.   
  • Then, recite the ” Dua to break an engagement” as shown in a picture 100 times. 
  • Lastly, ask Almighty Allah to end the desired person’s engagement. 

Perform this dua for breakup following the guidelines for 11 days. You will hear that the particular person’s engagement has been broken in the next eleven days by Allah’s grace. 

Islam gives you the right to choose the one you wish to marry. It isn’t sensible to force someone to get married. The Dua to break someone engagement could be the last option for those who find themselves in such a precarious position. 

If your loved one is planning to marry another person forcefully, you’d like to separate the two since you would like to share your life with them and end the relationship formed under pressure. “Powerful dua to separate two person” can assist you. 

Stepwise Procedure To Perform Wazifa To Break Someone Marriage: 

There’s always a solution for your problems in Islam. Therefore, you don’t need to be stressed and relaxed. The Wazifa to break someone marriage can be used by those who require assistance from Allah to break out of an unwelcome marriage. It is helpful if they are forced into a marriage because their ex-lover left them. 

Important Note: Perform the “Wazifa to break Someone marriage” before the Fajr morning Prayer. 

  • The first step is to cleanse your body thoroughly. 
  • Then, it would help if you repeated Durood Sharif a hundred times. 
  •  Then, read Surah Maryam Verse [19:47]fifty times. 
  •  After fajr namaz, recite “bismillaahir-rahmaanir-raheem” ten Times.   

This wazifa to break engagement can be performed over two days. Insha Allah, you will receive the result in one week. 

Dua For Breakup  

Sometimes we get a partner who is over possessive. There are some people who always doubt their partners over small issues. They always try to interfere in our life and never leaves us alone. We all need space in our lives. It is this time we want to get separated from our partner. For this, we can practice dua for breakup. Similarly, there are some persons who want to break the relationship of another person they also can take the help of dua for breakup.  

Nobody wants to do break up with their partner. But sometimes we are in such a situation that breakup is only the solution. At that time, dua to separate two lovers is of great help to us. It helps you in parting ways from a relationship that is not good for you. So, if you feel trapped in a relationship, then you should recite dua to separate two lovers and Insha Allah, the Almighty will definitely help you out! 

Dua To Break Someone Marriage

Here’s How to perform Dua to Stop Someone Marriage in Islam:    

  • To achieve the most effective results, perform this procedure after performing wudu.  
  •  Then, recite “Alhumdulillah” three times. (Read it as a praise to Allah SWT)    
  •  Invoke this verse from Surah Yaseen: “Wa maa alai naaa illal balaaghul mubeen” immediately following Fajr Namaz.    
  •  Drink The water of Zamzam and request Allah for guidance to stop the marriage. It could prevent four lives from being destroyed.    
  • Do the ” Dua to Stop Someone’s Marriage ” over three days to see positive results.  

You may be in a situation where your parents have arranged an engagement. If they are now attempting to force you to get married to a partner whom you feel isn’t right for you, this Dua To Stop Someone Marriage can help you. It will help you determine a method to end the marriage and ensure you get the best life you can with your loved one.  

 How To Break Someone Engagement In Islam?

Important Note: When you begin this dua for breakup , you must take care to not make any haram to the person or do anything that could be considered a shirk. Also, do not use this dua for break up in order to get revenge on someone else. 

  • Firstly, do not forget to perform proper wudu.     
  • Then you repeat Allahu Akbar 3 times (A prayer that says God is great) 
  • You can invoke this verse from Surah Ta-ha “Illaa Tazki ratal limany yakh shaa” 
  • Then, take the name of the person whose marriage you want to stop. Express your wishes in clear, precise words and with total confidence in Allah.      
  • Then repeat the procedure for 4 days to see the desired results. 

If you are looking to stop or end any illegal relationship You should consider praying the ” Dua to end Haram and unlawful relationship.” 

If your parents are not agreeing to the break your marriage, you could try this Dua to convince parents to break engagement given below. 


Here Is Dua To Convince Parents To Break Engagement: 

By reading this dua, you will be able to easily convince your parents to alter their mind about their choice. 

  • In the beginning, you must find a quiet and peaceful place. 
  • Then wash by performing Wudu. 
  • Then then, after that ” Salallahu Alayhi Wassalam” 3 times. 
  • Recite the following dua ” Wallazeena hum lifuroo Jihim Haafizoon” 7 times.
  • Close your eyes and visualize your parents asking Allah for assistance.
  • Then, spread Zamzam water all over your house, and you’ll see results within 3 days. 

Follow the ritual of Islamic Wazifa To Break Engagement And Marriage step by step: 

 There are a lot of duas and wazifas available online today Most of them have been fabricated and are haram. However, the one we offer is the most reliable and halal in Islam. Many people have experienced successful outcomes by using this Islamic wazifa to break engagement and marriage.   

  • You should perform a fresh wash and put on clean clothing. 
  • Then, choose any five lovely names from Allah (Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem) and read them in a soft voice. 
  • Ask for sincere forgiveness from the gracious (Read Astaghfirullah 3 times). 
  •  Repeat this verse of the SurahAl-Mu’minun prayer “Wallazeena amaan aati him hum li hum Ahdihim” after the Fajr Namaz. 
  • Finally, make Niyyah and explain your situation in clear, concise language to Allah. 
  • Keep faith in the Almighty and you’ll see results in the next few days. 

 Few precautions to remember for Wazifa to break someone’s engagement – 

Every dua, including the “Dua to break an engagement” must be observed while keeping some rules in mind. If you don’t adhere to the guidelines, you won’t get a positive answer to your dua. 

  • Be patient as you read your wazifa to break someone’s engagement. 
  • Allah will delay the answer until he chooses to accept your dua. 
  • Women must not do the dua during their period. 
  • It is essential to not have negative motives when you perform your dua. 
  • If you do not get any results or can’t understand this wazifa or dua, you can get in touch with our Peer Muhammad Qadri. 

If you are in a circumstance where your parents are attempting to force you to be engaged or marry the person you do not want to be married to, you might find that the “Dua to Break Someone’s marriage” would be a great resource for you. 

 It is crucial to realize that you’re not on your own. It is acceptable to ask Allah for guidance and help for every circumstance in your life. You can make use of this prayer to stop someone’s marriage if you know that the person they are marrying is not right for them.   

Holy Quran is truly helpful for any problem in life. Therefore, you don’t need to be concerned. All you need to do is make the dua break engagement, as stated in the article. You’ll be able to take your mind off of the problem.    

 The benefits of performing “Dua to Break Someone Engagement” are as follows:   

  • It is possible to break a commitment properly by performing the dua. 
  • You can end your engagement fast and marry anyone of your choice with this dua. 
  • The Duas and wazifa were directly taken from the Holy Book of the Quran and are not accessible on the internet. 
  • You can end the commitment of your girlfriend or boyfriend. 
  • A lot of people have benefitted from this, and we also share success stories from people on our Instagram page. 
  • If you truly would like to get married to your beloved who is getting married to a person else for force in this circumstance. This dua can help you greatly.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is There A Dua to end a marriage? 

If you wish to do Dua to break someone marriage, you can repeat Surah Taha, Surah Ya-seen, Surah Mu’minun. There are a variety of verses that you can chant to obtain desired results. 

Is breaking an Engagement considered a Sin in Islam? 

 Breaking an engagement is sinful if you are doing it in retaliation or to prove the sake of your purpose. If you truly have a love for someone and you are marrying someone else under pressure, reading a dua is sensible. In this scenario, Dua to break someone wedding can be beneficial.   

Is There Any Surah to break a relationship?

If you are looking for a Surah to end a relationship Then Surah Ar-Ra’d is the most effective Surah to break someone’s marriage. In the beginning, recite DUROOD E-INAAM eleven times. After that, you read Surah Ar-Ra’d for a week, believing in Allah. It will help if you do not inform anyone about the fact that you’re doing the wazifa. In a short time, you’ll get confirmation that the particular relationship is over. 

How do you break someone’s engagement?

You’ll be able to end a relationship by performing the dua, or wazifa in the above article. If you encounter problems or don’t see results, reach our Peer Muhammad Qadri. 

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