Dua To Break Someone Engagement – Dua For Breakup

Dua To Break Someone Engagement

Not everyone has the courage to see their lover getting married to another person. If you can’t see your lover getting married to someone else, then you should recite dua to break someone engagement. The dua will break their engagement with any other person and make him/her come back to you. If you have tried hard to convince your lover to come back to you and not leave you and marry someone else, but he/ she is not listening to you at all, then dua and wazifa to break someone engagement is the best remedy in this regard. 

This is a very typical dua. Before performing this dua and wazifa to break someone’s engagement proper knowledge should be taken from Quran Shareef. You should perform this dua after the Zohar Namaz. If your parents are forcing you to marry someone without your will, then you can recite the dua for breakup for yourself too. Insha Allah, your own relationship will break and you will get married wherever you want. It is essential to discuss the procedure of the dua from our molvi sb. and then practice it.

Dua For Breakup

Sometimes we get a partner who is over possessive. He always mistrusts small issues. He always tries to interfere in our life. He never leaves us alone. We all need space in our lives. It is this time we want to get separated from our partner. For this, we can practice dua for breakup. Similarly, there are some persons who want to break the relationship of another person they also can take the help of dua for breakup. 

Nobody wants to do break up with their partner. But sometimes we are in such a situation that breakup is only the solution. At that time, dua to separate two lovers is of great help to us. It helps you in parting ways from a relationship that is not good for you. So, if you feel trapped in a relationship, then you should recite dua to separate two lovers and Insha Allah, the Almighty will definitely help you out!

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Dua To Separate Two Lovers

  1. Firstly make fresh ablution. 
  2. After that read Durood Shareef for 15 times.
  3. Then read this Dua to separate two lovers- “Almuaaffii Laa Shiifaa Ann ilbee Shifaa”.
  4. Read this 556 times.
  5. After that take a sketch pen and write the name of both the person on your hand that you want to separate.
  6. After that read Sureha Fateha for 14 times.
  7. Then blow your breath on your hand.
  8. After that read the words of Azan for 2 times.
  9. Then again blow your breath on your hand on which you have written the name of the two people you want to separate. 
  10. After that rub the name of those two people from your hand.
  11. Then read Sana for 4 times.
  12. Perform this for 8 days. 

For any information regarding dua to separate two lovers, you can call our molvi sb. directly and get instant help.

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