Best Wazifa For Marriage in 21 Days

Wazifa For Marriage

Are you worried because your marriage is taking a long time? Do you want to get married quickly? If yes, read these 7 special prayers, called “Wazifa For Marriage in 3 Days,” for a fast marriage proposal. Sometimes, people are excited about your wedding, but you’re not getting good offers. Or maybe there’s a problem causing the delay.

No need to worry! We have the “Best Wazifa For Marriage” that will help you marry the person you like as soon as possible. Even parents can do this prayer for their kids. You just have to do it with all your heart and dedication.

7 Important Steps To Follow While Performing Wazifa For Marriage

To perfrom this “Wazifa For Marriage in 3 Days,” follow these steps after the morning prayer:

  1. Take a shower and think about the person you want to marry.
  2. Sit in a clean and quiet place and recite Surah Duha (Verse 12) and Surah Qasas.
  3. Say “Auzu Billaahi Minash Shaitaanir” 100 times.
  4. Say “Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem” 100 times.
  5. Say “Assalaatu Wassalaamu Akayka Ya” 100 times for a quick marriage.
  6. Raise your hands, ask Allah to help you get married soon to the person you want.
  7. Do this regularly with all your heart for the best results.

Performing this “7 steps Ultimate wazifa for getting married soon” regularly will definitely be very helpful for your marriage.

Magical Way To Perform Wazifa For Marriage

To do the powerful “wazifa for quick marriage,” follow these simple steps:

  1. You can do this wazifa at any time of the day.
  2. First, wash yourself (wudu) and sit on your prayer mat facing Kabah.
  3. Say Ayatul Kursi 111 times.
  4. Then, recite Surah Fatiha 11 times.
  5. Lastly, kneel down in front of Allah, tell Him about your problems, and ask for help to get married quickly.
  6. Do this wazifa for at least seven days. InshaAllah, Allah will hear your request, and your marriage will be fixed within a week after doing this powerful wazifa.

Note: Girls/Women should not do this wazifa during their periods.

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wazifa for marriage in 11 days


The  “Wazifa For Marriage in 11 Days” – a special prayer to help people who want to get married fast. This prayer has special steps to ask Allah for blessings and make the marriage happen in just 11 days. Let’s learn more about this unique prayer for those who want to start a happy married life soon.

Here are few steps you should follow to perform Wazifa For Marriage in 11 Days

  • Timing: You can do this special prayer for marriage after your regular prayers.
  • Recite Durood-E-Ibrahim: After praying, say a special phrase called Durood-E-Ibrahim 7 times.
  • Recite Surah Taha: Then, read a part from the Quran called Surah Taha.
  • Repeat Durood-E-Ibrahim: After that, say Durood-E-Ibrahim 7 times again.
  • Prayer to Allah: Ask Allah to handle your situation, remove any obstacles to your marriage, and make your marriage happy.

Do this prayer every day until you see good things happening.

Which Surah is Good For Marriage?

Have you heard about the special prayer called “Surah Nisa wazifa for marriage“? It comes from our Holy Quran, and Surah Nisa is like a special chapter that talks about the importance of women in Islam.

This surah is very helpful for girls who want to get good marriage offers. If you’re not getting good proposals, we promise that this special prayer will really work for you.

Surah Nisa Wazifa For Marriage in 7 Days

To do the special prayer called “Surah Nisa wazifa for marriage,” follow these steps:

  1. Do this prayer during tahajjud or Fajr time.
  2. First, wash yourself (wudu) and pray tahajjud or Fajr.
  3. Say a special phrase called Durood Shareef 11 times.
  4. Read a part from the Quran called Surah Nisa.
  5. Then, say “Ya Lateefu” 1000 times.
  6. Say Durood Shareef 11 times again.
  7. Finally, talk to Allah and ask Him to help you get married to someone you really like, who makes you happy and gives you a good life.

Do this prayer every day for seven days without skipping, and we promise you will see good results.

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Surah Nisa Wazifa For Marriage

Method To Perform Wazifa For Getting Married Soon

Today, I’ll share a super strong wazifa to get married soon to help you get married in just 21 days! If you’re worried because your marriage is taking a long time, this prayer can really help.

To do the “wazifa for getting married soon,” follow these easy steps:

  1. Wash yourself (wudu) first – like a special bath before the prayer.
  2. Say a special phrase, Durood Shareef, three times.
  3. Then, say “Ya Wadoodu” 111 times.
  4. Say Durood Shareef three times again.
  5. Finally, ask Allah to help you get married to a good partner.
  6. That’s it!

Do this special prayer at any time when you have free time. Do it every day for 21 days, and after that, you might hear good news about your marriage, Inshallah (God willing).

If you have any questions, you can ask our Islamic Scholar, Molvi Ji, Peer Mohammad Qadri Ji. He will answer your questions. You can also talk to us on WhatsApp.


We did a lot of research to find these marriage prayers, and we’re excited to share them with you. We promise these prayers are powerful and come from our Holy Quran. They are proven and guaranteed to work well. Give them a try, and we hope they help you change from being single to having a happy married life. We’re cheering for you!

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