Powerful Dua For Heartbreak in Islam (Heal a Broken Heart)

Dua for Heartbreak From Quran

Our special Dua for Heartbreak has helped thousands of readers feel better and live happier lives. Many people fall in love at least once, but not everyone’s love story ends in marriage. When love doesn’t last, it can really hurt.

People with broken hearts often feel very sad and think about their lost love all the time. This sadness can make them feel stuck and hopeless.

If you feel heartbroken and want Allah to help heal your heart and erase the sad memories, you’re in the right place. This article will share a special dua that can help you feel better.

Important Things to Know Before Starting Dua For Heartbreak

  1. Pure Intentions: Make sure your intentions are pure.
  2. Full Faith in Allah: Believe that Allah Ta’ala will help you.
  3. Follow the Rules: Pray exactly as described in this article.
  4. Be Patient: Allah will answer your prayers in His own time.
  5. Do Good Deeds: While praying, do good things like feeding the hungry.
  6. Pray for Others: This will increase your good deeds, and Allah will accept your prayers faster.

How To Perform Dua for Heartbreak From Quran

If your heart is broken and you want Allah’s help, follow this dua method:

  1. Start with Ablution: Clean yourself.
  2. Find a Clean Place: Sit in a clean spot.
  3. Read Durood Shareef: Recite it 11 times.
  4. Special Dua: Recite “an taj’al al-Qur’ana rabee’a qalbi, wa noora sadri, wa jala’a huzni, wa dhahaba hammi.” 435 times.
  5. Pray to Allah: Ask Allah (SWT) to remove your sadness and heal your your heart.

Do this after any Salah for at least 15 days with true faith in Allah. Inshallah, you will start to feel better and your heartbreak will ease.If you need more help, you can contact Peer Mohammad Qadri on WhatsApp.

Simple Dua for a Broken Heart

Here is another dua for a broken heart:

Kutiba alaikumulqitaalu wa huwa kurhullakum wa ‘asaaa an takrahoo shai’anw wa huwa khairullakum,” which means, “Fighting has been enjoined upon you while it is hateful to you, but perhaps you hate something good for you.” (Quran 2:216)

Recite this dua 450 times for 15 to 16 days after Tahajjud. You will notice that your heart starts to heal and you won’t remember the painful memories as much.

Dua for Broken Heart

Surah for Heartbreak

Surah Ad-Duha, Chapter 93 of the Quran, is very helpful for healing a broken heart.

  1. Recite Surah Ad-Duha: Repeat it at least 11 times after each Salah.
  2. Blow on Your Hands: After reciting, blow on your hands and bring them to your face.

Do this for 12 consecutive days and you will feel peace in your heart and your heartbreak will heal.

Dua to Remove Sadness from the Heart

Another helpful dua is:

Allahumma inni a’udhu bika min al-hammi wal-huzni, wal-‘ajzi wal-kasal, wal-jubni wal-bukhl, wa dala’id-dayni wa ghalabatir-rijal,” which means, “O Allah, I seek refuge in You from anxiety and sorrow, weakness and laziness, miserliness and cowardice, the burden of debts, and from being overpowered by men.”

Recite this dua 453 times after Fajr salah for 18 days. This will help remove sadness from your heart.

How to Perform Dua To Heal A Broken Heart

In a condition of a broken heart, a person isn’t able to make the right decisions in life which affect their day-to-day activities and entire lifestyle. This is where the dua for broken heart comes into role. This prayer can end your troubles. The dua for a broken heart is a great healer. It heals your broken heart in just a few weeks if you follow our guidelines carefully. 

The procedure of reciting the dua to heal a broken heart – 

{13:28}“Indeed, in the remembrance of Almighty Allah (SWT) hearts find comfort”.

  • Find a lonely, quiet place. 
  • Perform the Wazu first.
  • Start by reciting Ayat-ul-Kursi 11 times.
  • Dua to heal a broken heart – Khoolla hu wallahh hu ahada. Recite this dua 111 times. 
  • Then, recite Attihayat 11 times.
  • Recite Surah Al-Kahf 11 times. 
  • End the procedure, by making dua to Allah SWT to heal and fix your broken heart. To make it stronger and fill it with love, joy, peace, and satisfaction soon, Ameen!
  • Perform this procedure for a minimum of 21 days. Women must not perform it during their menses. 


Dealing with a broken heart is very hard, but with faith in Allah and the power of dua, healing is possible. Follow these steps and recite the duas with sincerity. Inshallah, you will find peace and relief from the pain of heartbreak. Remember to keep your intentions pure, be patient, and consistently pray. Allah will guide you and help you heal.

May Allah bless you and bring peace to your heart. Ameen.

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