Dua For Enemy Protection – Islamic Dua For Protection Against Enemies 3.8 (8)

Dua For Enemy Protection

Everyone has an enemy in this world. Even if you live a simple life, still you will have someone who will be jealous of your simplicity. So, what do you do? If you are a kind of person who just want to continue with his life and doesn’t want to interfere in anyone’s life then … Read more

Powerful Dua For Removing Difficulties And Problems 0 (0)

dua for difficulty

Life presents challenges that test our faith, patience, and perseverance. When we are going through hard times, we turn to our God, Allah (SWT), for comfort, direction, and help. We express our faith and petition Allah for His mercy and bounties via the act of making dua. In this article, we’ll look into the idea … Read more

Kisi Ko Wapas Bulane Ki Dua Aur Wazifa 4.3 (6)

Apne khoye Pyar Ko Wapas Pane Ka Wazifa

Pyar Ko Wapas Lane Ki Dua Pyar ko wapas lane ki dua – Agar aap kisi se beshumar pyar karte thai aur wo aapse bichad gaya hai toh aapka dard hum samajh sakte hai. Aapke liye ek ek din kisi bojh se kam nahi guzar raha hoga. Aap poore din unke khayal mein khoye rehte … Read more

Eid Ul Fitr Ki Dua – Ramzan Ka Chand Dekhne Ki Dua  5 (1)

Eid Ul Fitr ki Dua

Eid Ul Fitr Ki Dua   Eid is more than a day of celebration for Muslims worldwide. If a Muslim spends Eid according to the teachings of Shariah or Rasulullah Alaihi Wa Salam, he will reap great rewards in life. The Eid ki dua is a powerful prayer that is read on this day. The Eid … Read more

Dua To Control Someone 1.7 (3)

Strong Dua To Control Someone

Dua To Make Someone Change Their Mind Strong Dua To Control Someone: In today’s world, everyone has a firm opinion of their own and people are not ready to budge an inch from it. However, if you have something in your mind, but the others are not agreeing with you, then you should recite dua … Read more

Dua For Barakah In Business – Dua For Successful Business 5 (1)

Dua For Success In Business

Dua For Barakah In Business No venture can progress with just hard work. Apart from effort, there is one more thing which you need for its success. It is your luck or barakah. Without barakah, there will be no progress in your work. No matter what business or job you do, it is very important … Read more

Dua For Protection from Black Magic from Home 0 (0)

dua for protection from black magic

Dua For Protection From Black Magic Black magic is among the most dangerous forms of necromancy.  It was used by the hands of some powerful ancient people with an ardent belief in this. However, in the present-day black magic is utilized to deceive innocent people or to cause harm to others. If you’re suffering from … Read more

Powerful Dua To Get What You Want – Dua For Miracle 0 (0)

Dua For Miracle

Powerful Dua To Get What You Want As a matter of fact, human wants are unlimited. At one instance, they want one thing, at another instance, they demand something else. If you desire something and you want to get it as soon as possible without any delay, then the powerful dua to get what you … Read more

Ramzan Ki Dua aur Duaye – Ramadan Ki Dua 0 (0)

Ramzan Ki Dua

Ramzan Ki Dua Ramazan ki Islam ek alag failzlat hai aur isi failzat ki wajah se hum sab bhai behen roza rakhte hain is paak mahiney mein. Agar aapko ramzan ka masail maollom hai toh aap ye bhi jante hongey ki ramzdan bina duaon ke adhoora hai. Toh aaj hum apko batanegye ramadan ki dua … Read more

Sunnah For Marriage – Dua For Married According To Sunnah 0 (0)

Sunnah Dua For Marriage

Sunnah For Marriage A marriage is a beautiful relationship and it becomes all the more beautiful with the blessings of Allah. Today, we will share a beautiful and effective Sunnah for marriage with you that will help you perform your nikah most piously and blessedly. This Sunnah dua for marriage is for everyone who is … Read more

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