4 thoughts on “Taweez and Dua Protection From Bad or Evil Eye and Jealousy

  1. I noticed these days my viss are not happy with me. This is my 17th year. 16 years was alright now i have problem. I know its main course is jealous from my assistant for post. They wait for mistake happened then complain to boss. Anyways Allah is their to look after them. I need to protect my self. Please send me some duas.
    My name Mohamed Ajuward Kareem
    Age 43
    Father haji abdul karim Ayoob
    Mother Bilkis banu

  2. My family is affected by some jinn and I facing huge loss in my business… I went to several place for the solutions some sayd sheikh saddo and some says something else . I wasted alot of money but didn’t got any result…
    I request for immediate help for the sake of my family and business.

  3. am facing jealous from my sister in Law actually its like I made a big crime by marrying her brother please send me some duas and evil eye is also disturbing me every where I go I hope you help .all the way from Africa.

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