Tahajjud Dua For Love Marriage In Islam

Tahajjud For Marriage

Tahajjud Dua For Marriage

Tahajjud is a very powerful way to get your prayers heard by Allah. If you wish to get anything in life you must perform tahajjud (also called the night prayer) diligently. There is a reason why a lot of people perform tahajjud dua for marriage. Performing tahajjud is not easy it requires dedication and discipline and requires you to wake up in the middle of the night and give salutations to Allah but it also gives high rewards. That is why a lot of people use tahajjud for marriage. If you wish to perform tahajjud for marriage keep reading the whole article to know the details.

If you wish to perform tahajjud for love, you must make a routine of waking up in the third part of the night every day and read the tahajjud prayer. As has been said the night prayer or Tahajjud is the best way to get your desires heard as this time we are closest to Almighty Allah. If you have decided to finally perform tahajjud dua for marriage and love then follow this ritual:

  1. Wake up at the time you have decided and made fresh ablution.
  2. Now offer at least two raka`ts up to 12, depending on your wish.
  3. Now recite the tahajjud prayer.
  4. Now recite,” Bismillah Hir Rahmanir Raheem”1100 times.
  5. Complete the ritual by reading Durood E Ibrahim five times.

If you perform this ritual and tahajjud dua for marriage for 11 days inshallah your nikah will take place soon. A lot of people have reaped the benefits of tahajjud prayer in their life.

Tahajjud For Love

Tahajjud For Love

Tahajjud has always been appreciated for its pious and effective results. This is the reason why Allah calls the people who perform night prayer, his loyal servants. A lot of hadiths have been narrated in the praise of tahajjud prayer one of which is given below:

“When one-third of the night remains, every night, Our Lord, Allah, the All-Mighty says as follows till the dawn to break:

 ‘Whoever wants me something, I shall give. Whoever supplicates to me, I shall accept his/her pray. Whoever repents, I shall forgive him/her.’

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Tahajjud Dua for Marriage

Tahajjud For Marriage

The reasons why people perform tahajjud for marriage are numerous but what we can be sure of is that it will give you very satisfactory results. Tahajjud for love will get your wishes heard a lot faster as this is the time when we are closest to Allah. This will not only solve the problem of getting approval for your love and marriage from your parents and society but will also ensure that the journey of your marriage remains trouble-free.

If you have any doubts or questions regarding the ritual to perform tahajjud for marriage, you should consult our Molvi Saab right away. As this I the most effective prayer that you can say you should not take any chance of doing anything wrong. Leave your comments and doubts below to be answered by our experts. May Allah bless us all!

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