Powerful Dua For Love Marriage To Agree Parents

Marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime event for every couple, and thus it is exceptional. Sometimes when you choose a partner, your parents do not approve of your decision. They do not support you, and this rejection becomes the biggest hurdle that delays your love marriage. But, with the grace of Almighty Allah Miyan, you can make your parents agree for your love marriage. All you need to read is the Quranic dua for love marriage to agree parents. 

Knowing the Importance of Duas

In Islamic belief, dua (supplication) is a powerful way to seek Allah’s help and blessings. The importance of dua lies in the fact that it is a direct means of communication between the supplicant and Allah, and it reflects the supplicant’s faith, sincerity, and humility before Allah. Here are some reasons why dua is important:
  1. Seeking Allah’s guidance and blessings: Dua for love marriage is a means of seeking Allah’s guidance and blessings for success, well-being, and prosperity in this life and the hereafter. It is a way of acknowledging Allah’s power and seeking His mercy and help.
  2. Strengthening the faith: Dua for love marriage is a way of strengthening the faith and increasing one’s reliance on Allah. It helps the supplicant recognize their weaknesses and limitations and turn to Allah for guidance and support.
  3. Seeking forgiveness: Dua for love marriage is also a way of seeking Allah’s forgiveness for sins and mistakes and His mercy and guidance for a better future.
Overall, the importance of dua lies in its power to strengthen the faith, seek Allah’s guidance and blessings, seek forgiveness, build a closer relationship with Allah, and achieve peace and tranquility in the heart.

Dua For Love Marriage To Agree Parents 

  • Begin by performing Wudu (ablution) and ensuring that you are in a clean and peaceful place.
  • Recite Durood-e-Shareef (Salutations upon the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him) 11 times.
  • Recite Surah Yaseen (Surah 36) once.
  • After completing Surah Yaseen, recite the following Dua 313 times:
Ya Wadudu Ya Lateefu Ya Badee’us Samawaati Wal Ardi Ya Dhul-Jalali Wal Ikraam. Translation: “O Most Loving, O Most Gentle, O Originator of the heavens and the earth, O Possessor of Majesty and Honor.”
  • After reciting the Dua 313 times, again recite Durood-e-Shareef 11 times.
  • Finally, make a heartfelt supplication (Dua) to Allah, asking for His guidance, blessings, and the agreement of your parents for your love marriage.
  • Continue this practice for 21 days, maintaining consistency and sincerity in your prayers.

Dua To Make Parents Agree For Love Marriage

Muslim parents raise their temper after knowing their child’s preference of love marriage. This is why it is very difficult to convince Indian parents for love marriage. If your parents are not ready to accept your decision of love marriage, then read the dua to convince parents for love marriage.

This dua will change your parents’ mind and they will agree to meet your lover and his/her family. You can get dua to convince parents for love marriage from our expert Molvi Saab. With immense knowledge in the Quran and Hadith, he will tell you how to agree your parents for accepting your love marriage.

It is important that you take your parents’ blessings on such an important day of your life. When you practice wazifa to convince parents to love marriage, they will let you marry a person of your choice. Pray to Allah Miyan with a clean intention and purity in your heart and Insha Allah, everything will be fine.

How To Convince Parents For Love Marriage In Islam?

Getting parents’ consent for marriage of any kind is very necessary. How to convince your parents for love marriage in Islam is a question many lovers have in mind. Arranged marriage mostly happens with total acceptance of parents and family. However, the case of love marriage is not the same. When faced with rejection, people want to know how to agree parents for love marriage in Islam.

Strong wazifa to make parents agree for love marriage will make your parents, and you think alike. They will start liking your choice and happily be a part of your wedding. The wazifa to convince parents for love marriage has the power to change the thinking of your parents. 

The wazifa to convince parents for love marriage is mentioned in the Holy Quran. This prayer helps people in getting their parents’ permission through the right methods. By reciting this prayer correctly, one can quickly get married to the person they love with their parent’s permission and blessing.

Wazifa For Love Marriage To Agree Parents

In Islam, there are various Wazifas (prayers or supplications) that people believe can help in convincing parents to agree to a love marriage. These Wazifas are meant to be recited with sincerity, devotion, and a strong belief in Allah’s will. However, it’s essential to remember that the effectiveness of these Wazifas depends on one’s intentions and the sincerity of their efforts to resolve the situation with their parents. Here’s a Wazifa that you can recite for this purpose:

  • In order to perform wazifa for love marriage to agree to parents, wear clean clothes, and make fresh ablution.
  • Read Durood Shareef thrice in the starting and thrice in the end.
  • Then recite this wazifa for love marriage 313 times and then make your prayers to Allah Talah to agree with your parents for your love marriage.
  • Insha Allah, you will see results in 11 days.
Ya Sattarol Ayyubi Ya Sababil Asbabi Iyyaka Na’budu Wa Iyyaka Nast’aeen Ya Hayyu Ya Kayyum Birahmatika Astageez

या सत्तारोल अयूबि हां सबाबिल असबी इयाका ना बुडू वा इय्याका नास्तानी या हयू या कय्याम बिरहामतिका अस्थेज

if you are still not getting results through this wazifa to agree parents for love marriage then you can straightaway call our Islamic scholar Molvi Peer Muhammad Qadri Ji. He will guide you about the working procedure of this important Islamic wazifa to convince parents

Wazifa To Make Parents Agree for Love Marriage

Let us now tell you the complete process for performing this Dua to marry someone you love but parents are objecting. Any brother and sister can also perform this dua to convince their in-laws for love marriage as well.

  1. Make ablution with clean water
  2. Recite Surah Yaseen thrice then continue with reciting “Ya Allahu Ya Fattahu” 300 times.
  3. Pray to Allah SubhanaWa’ Tala to make your parents accept your love marriage.
  4. Think of your parents and blow over them while reciting this dua.
  5. Perform this for 11 days without missing a single day.
  6. Insha Allah, the powerful wazifa to convince parents for love marriage will give you desired results.
  7. In a very short period, all the hurdles and problems delaying your marriage will disappear.

If your parents do not get ready for your marriage after 11 days, contact our Molvi Ji immediately. He will tell you how to get positive results from the dua to marry the person you love. If you need to bring your lost love back, you can contact him for a prayer to fulfill this wish.

Surah To Convince Parents For Love Marriage

We all know that having a love marriage in our society is not so easy. Even after having the right to love, it becomes very difficult to convince parents for love marriage. We are going to tell you how to convince parents for love marriage in Islam. The dua to convince parents for love marriage is a tried and tested remedy.

Are you someone who has lost all hopes of getting married to the love of your life? Do you want to know how to convince parents for love marriage in Islam? For anyone who thinks that it is impossible to get their parents’ consent for a love marriage, we have a remedy that will change your opinion. With the help of the dua to convince parents for love marriage, you can fulfill the dream of marrying your lover easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Read the Dua for Parents Approval for Love Marriage?

To get your parents approval for marrying your lover, you have to read the dua mentioned below:

  • Start the process by performing wuzu. 
  • Then, proceed with reciting Rakat Nafl before the Fajr namaz. 
  • Chant the fourth verse of the Surah al-Furqan after completing the Fajr namaaz.
  • With a sincere heart, pray to Allah to bless you with the acceptance from your parents for your love marriage. 

Is There Any Surah or Ayat to Convince Parents for Love Marriage?

Chanting the verse “Rabba Naf Tah Baynana Waa Bayna Qawmina Bil Haqqi Waa” proves to be the best prayer for love marriage. This Ayat or surah is the best Islamic remedy for all those people who wish to get married to their lover. 

Is It Permissible to Make Dua for Love Marriage?

Many Muslim sisters want to ensure that seeking their parents’ consent for a love marriage through dua for love marriage to agree parents is in accordance with Islamic principles. They may ask whether it’s permissible to make such supplications and how to do so while staying within the boundaries of Islam.

What If My Parents Are Unwilling to Accept My Choice of Spouse?

Some sisters face resistance from their parents when it comes to their choice of a life partner. They may ask for advice on how to navigate this challenging situation, whether through dua or other means, while maintaining family harmony.

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