Istikhara Dua For Health Of Parents, Mother, Father and Home

Everyone is worried about the health of their father and mother. Each one of us wants their parents to live with them for as long as possible. But, surely death is inevitable. However, you can surely know about the health issues and health conditions of your parents by performing istikhara dua for health of parents. When you perform the istikhara dua for health of parents, you actually get to know about their health conditions. You may get signs of any potential health threat that is coming in the near future for them and avoid it from happening.

 Istikhara Dua For Health Of parents

As your parent’s age, they may get subjected to potential health risks. Hence it is very important to be ultra-conscious about it. You may get several tests done and receive no results but suddenly some health issue creeps out. In order to avoid something like this from happening, you should practice istikhara for health my mother, father and find out if everything is alright with your parents, health-wise. The istikhara for health my mother, the father will help you get signs directly from Allah Subhan Wa’ Tala and very soon you will a hint if your parents are in the right health condition or not.

Istikhara For Health My Mother, Father

Istikhara For Health My Mother, Father

Istikharadua for the health of parents is a very effective and reliable way to know if anything unhealthy is prevailing in their body which may become life-threatening in the later stage. Believe in the istikhara dua for health and recite it with complete dedication and devotion along with the firm belief that it will give you true results. You can consult our Molvi sb. to seek guidance about istikhara dua for health. He will give you the best possible solution to your problem. If you want, he can perform the istikhara dua for you on your behalf and give you accurate results.

If you want, you can also get help in knowing the future of your house. Yes, the istikharadua for home will help you know whether your house is secure from the eyes of enemy or any problem is going to come on it. It will help you get hints from Allah Talah regarding the prosperity of your house. You can get the istikharadua for home from our molvi sb. He will be very happy to help you.

The istikhara dua for health of parents is given below:

Recite two rakatnamaznafil after the namaz of Isha and pray to Allah Talah for the health of your parents. After that recite this dua for your parent’s health “Rabbi Irham Huma Kama RabbayaneeSagheera” 7 times.

Recite Ayat-ul-Kursi 7 times and istikharadua once. Then pray to Allah Talah to give you guidance regarding the health of your mother or father. Insha Allah, the very night in your dream, you will get a sign of whether their health conditions will be good or deteriorate. Do not worry. Have complete faith in Allah Talah and pray for the health and long life of your parents. Insha Allah, everything will be fine very soon.

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