Dua To Separate Husband and Wife and Break A Relationship


Dua to separate husband and wife; Often in love marriages people perform marriage without the consent of parents. This is really a setback for any parent when his child performs marriage on his own. It is the desire of every parent to select partner for his child of their own choice. But when they are not able to do so then it is really a heartbreaking situation for them. 

Dua To Separate Husband and Wife

Parents need to perform dua to separate husband and wife very carefully. This dua should be performed in a single room. Sometimes our partner leaves us due to some misunderstanding. After sometime we want to get our partner back. In such cases often are partner is attracted towards some other person. Then it becomes really difficult to get our partner back. 

They become so unhappy that they try to break the marriage of their own child. So that after breaking the marriage they can select a partner of their own choice for their child. But breaking a love marriage is not easy. We all love our life partner. But still parents make every effect to break our love marriage. For this parents can take the help of dua to separate husband and wife.

Dua To Break A Relationship

This problem can be solved by dua to break a relationship. By performing this dua to break a relationship, we can break the relationship of our partner with that other person. Similarly there are some wives whose husbands are having an illegal affair. These wives try everything to get their husband back but they fail. 

It is really painful for any wife to see her husband with some other woman. The wife tries everything to break the relationship of her husband and that other woman but she fails. Dua to break a relationship will help the wife in getting his husband back. 

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Dua To Get Divorce

Dua to get divorce should be done like this-

  1. Firstly read Pehla Kalma for 69 times.
  2. After that read Seventh Kalma for 56 times.
  3. Then read this Dua to get divorce-“ Allah Humma Magfirlee”.
  4. Read this dua for 547 times.
  5. After that read Doosra Kalma for 78 times.
  6. After that take a piece of paper.
  7. Then write the name of yourself and of your husband five times.
  8. After that read Surah Ikhlaas for 87 times.
  9. Then blow your breath on that piece of paper. 
  10. After that tore that paper into four parts.
  11. Then throw that paper in four different directions.
  12. After that read Third Kalma for 97 times.
  13. Perform this dua for 6 days.

Islam is not in the favor of divorce. Islam only gives permission for divorce when two people after deciding with mutual consent that they don’t want to live their life together then in such case they can go for the option of divorce. But still Islam says that people should avoid the option of divorce. For any questions regarding this dua to get divorce you can ask us. 

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