Powerful Dua For Reconciliation Between Husband and Wife

Dua For Reconciliation Between Husband and Wife

Assalamalaikum my dear brothers and sisters. We have a powerful dua for reconciliation between husband and wife.

Our halal dua is for those who have been separated or divorced and wish to reunite. It is ideal for those who have realized their mistake in ending their relationship and want to reconnect with their loved one.

In this article, we will share with you the most powerful duas for reconciliation. These prayers can help you get your love back.

This powerful dua will assist you in reconciling with your lost love. We will also share the Dua for reconciliation between hearts for those who wish to bring their beloved back into their lives.

Let us now share with you the best duas for reconciliation.

Guidelines For Maintaining The Peace In Marriage

In Islamic teaching, certain rules are described that, when followed, will result in a calm and secure environment within the household. These guidelines include the following:

  • Finding a nice partner in marriage.
  • Creating a space in the home where one can reflect on Allah and pray.
  • Putting Allah’s rules into practice in one’s own home.
  • Sharing knowledge of the Islamic religion and culture with the members of the home.
  • Continuously reciting the Surah al-Baqarah inside the house is an effective strategy to drive the Shaytaan away from the dwelling.
  • Maintaining the privacy of the family.

Dua For Reconciliation Between Husband And Wife

A happy marriage is the ideal situation for anyone tying the knot. However, nowadays, even small misunderstandings can cause a couple to separate.

Often, they soon realize their mistakes and wish to reunite. This can be done with the help of the dua for reconciliation between husband and wife.

How To Perform The Dua For Reconciliation Between Husband And Wife

To perform the Dua for reconciliation between husband and wife, follow these steps:

First of all after having wudu, recite this dua immediately-

La Khaira Fi Kaseerim Min Tajwa Hum Illa Man Amara BI Sadakatin Aw Ma’roofin Aw Islahin Bainan Naasi Wa Man Yaf Al Zalika Ib Taga Aa Mar Zaati Allahi Fa Saufa Nu’tihi Ajran Azeema

  • Recite this Dua For Reconciliation Between Husband and Wife after the namaz of Asr 51 times and think of the person with whom you want to reconcile.
  • Make dua to Allah Talah to melt his/her heart and make them come in your favor.
  • Insha Allah, soon you will see that person coming your way and everything will get fine between you two.

Recite this Dua For Reconciliation Between Husband And Wife for 21 days and if you don’t see any changes in that person, then come to us.

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Most Halal Islamic Dua For Reconciliation Between Hearts

Differences and difficulties are common in relationships. When these differences persist, ending the relationship might seem like the only option.

In such cases, partners should try the dua for reconciliation between hearts. If you are experiencing a rough patch in your love life, you should try this dua to end all problems with your partner.

Dua For Reconciliation Between Hearts
Dua For Reconciliation Between Hearts

How To Perform The Dua For Reconciliation Between Hearts

To perform the Dua for reconciliation between hearts, follow these steps:

  1. Start with a genuine intention to reconcile and mend broken relationships.
  2. Choose a peaceful spot where you can concentrate without distractions.
  3. Ensure you are in a state of purity.
  4. Begin by reciting Surah Al-Fatiha to seek Allah’s guidance and blessings.
  5. Recite Salawat, like “Allahumma salli ala Muhammad wa ala ali Muhammad.”
  6. Humbly ask Allah to soften hearts, remove animosity, and bring about reconciliation and harmony between those involved.
  7. Ask Allah for forgiveness for any wrongdoings or misunderstandings that caused the discord.
  8. Trust in Allah’s wisdom and timing. Be patient while awaiting His response, believing that He hears and responds to sincere supplications.
  9. Make this dua in continuation, regularly seeking Allah’s intervention and blessings in healing broken relationships.

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Dua To Soften Someone’s Heart

Here is a powerful and unique Islamic dua to soften someone’s heart:

اللهم ارْزُقْنِي مَحَبَّتَهُ/مَحَبَّتَهَا وَرِضَاهُ/رِضَاهَا

“O Allah, grant me his/her love and satisfaction.”

Allahumma arzuqni mahabbatahu/mahabbataha wa ridahu/ridaha.

Recite this dua with honesty and faith, seeking Allah’s help in softening the heart of the person you are concerned about. This dua emphasizes trust in Allah’s power to change hearts.

If you have any questions about these duas for reconciliation with your loved ones, you can contact our Molvi Peer Mohammad Qadri Ji directly. He will provide you with the best halal duas to help solve all kinds of problems.

Islamic Prayer For Reconciliation Between Spouses

If you are separated from your husband, we have a dua that will help you reconcile with him. The dua for renconciliation with husband will help you bring him back to home. Follow this process to perform dua to reconcile between husband and wife:


  • First, take a bath start with fresh wuzu.
  • Now sit on a clean mate and now recite the name of Almighty Allah Allah-As-Samad 99 times
  • Then, recite the Durood e Ibrahim 100 times and recite the below-given dua -:

Allah Humma Allif Baina Kulu Bina Wa Aslih Zata Bainina Wah Dina Subulas Salami Wa Najjina Minaz Zulumati Ilan Noor

  • Then, recite Darood E Ibrahim once again 100 times.
  • Perform this wazifa for 25 days and InshaAllah you will see your husband coming closer to you.

Recite the dua for renconciliation with husband 51 times at any point of the day and think of that person. Then make dua for marriage reconciliation to Allah Talah to make things better between you and that person. Insha Allah, soon everything will be back to normal.

The dua for marriage reconciliation has been taken from Hadith and is very powerful in reconciling broken hearts and bonds. It will help in bringing two souls close to one another.


No matter it is your lover or friend, relative, or someone at your workplace, you can recite dua to reconcile with someone for anyone.

Yes, if you wish to make your relationship better with someone or like it was in the past, then dua to reconcile with someone will definitely suffice your purpose well.

It will melt the heart of that person and make him/her miss you and think of you. Eventually, both of you will come together and talk things out and resolve all the past issues.

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