Dua For Marriage Problems

A marriage is a very sacred commitment between a man and woman in the religion of Islam. It is not easy to have a marriage that is always happy and has no problems in it. The dua for marriage problems is the prayer that is the perfect solutions to these problems.

No matter if it was a love marriage or arranged, a couple will come across a phase that will test their relationship. The relationship of wife-husband love faces problems that can either strengthen or destroy their bond. Along with all the problems, the feeling of lost love also becomes an unnecessary burden.

Powerful Dua For Marriage Problems

The powerful Islamic dua for marriage problems is not just a remedy to get rid of issues. Along with ending all the disputes and issues, this dua for love brings back romance in the married life.

Let us now tell you the process of performing the dua for ending problems between a married couple.

  • Begin with performing wuzu to clean yourself first.
  • Keep a rose before your prayer mat and begin chanting “Bismillah hir-Rahman Nirrahim” 100 times.
  • After that recite Surah Al-Ikhlas 3 times followed by 11 recitations of Durood Shareef.
  • At last, blow over the rose and keep it below your pillow.
  • Continue the process of this powerful dua for marriage problems until all the  problems of your marital relationship disappear.

If you have any doubts about this dua, you can consult our Molvi Ji.

Dua For Married Couple Having Problems

Normally in marriages, a husband and wife have to deal with a lot of problems. Some problems are small while some are big. But whether the problem is small or big it needs to be get solved as soon as possible. For this, both husband and wife can practice dua for the married couples having problems.

Today many wives are having an extramarital affairs. These wives don’t find their husbands attractive. They find other men more attractive in comparison with their husbands. So such husbands can take the help of dua to fix marriage problems. Dua for a married couple having problems should be performed after Fajr Namaz.

Dua For Fix Marriage Problems

It is very necessary to fix marriage problems because if not these problems can lead to divorce. The dua to fix marriage problems will be of great help to you in this regard. Sometimes there is a little misunderstanding between husband and wife. Both husband and wife must clear their doubts.

Sometimes even after clearing doubts, there is some confusion left between husband and wife. For this dua to repair marriage should be performed. This dua is a powerful prayer that helps in clearing out all the problems in a marriage

Dua To Repair Marriage

Dua For Fix Marriage Problems

Some husbands are very rude to their wives. They scold their wives on every small matter. It really becomes very difficult for a wife to survive under such a circumstance. Dua for a married couple having problems will help such wives in fixing their marital relationships.

Dua to fix marriage problems should be performed under the guidance of the Islamic Molvi. When there is a fight between husband and wife, it becomes very necessary to solve that fight because sometimes those fights become so severe that it leads to divorce.

Divorce is not the only solution for ending all the issues in a marriage. For this dua to repair marriage should be recited. Islam is never in favor of divorce. Islam always wants that husband and wife should solve their fight or differences by mutual understanding.

Dua To Restore Marriage 

Dua to restore marriage should be done like this-

  1. Dua To Restore Marriage Firstly the person performing this dua to restore marriage should sit in the alone room.
  2. After that, the person should read Surah Kausar 125 times.
  3. After that, he should read the below-given dua to restore the marriage.

Wa An Tasbiroo Khairul

  1. He or she should read this dua 2369 times.
  2. After that, he or she should read Surah Kafiroon 125 times.
  3. After that take some flowers.
  4. Then, read Ayatal Kursi for 69 times.
  5. Now blow your breath on those flowers.
  6. After This bury those flowers under some soil.
  7. Then read Durood E Ibrahim 56 times.
  8. Then, make a dua to Allah SWT so that you can restore your marriage.
  9. Perform this dua for 5 days. InshaAllah You will be able to restore your marriage.

This is a very strong dua so it should be performed very carefully. Marriages are made in heaven. So both husband and wife must take care of their relationship. For any questions feel free to contact us and get a genuine solution through our Islamic scholar Peer Muhammad Qadri Ji.

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