Dua For Enemy Protection – Islamic Dua For Protection Against Enemies


Everyone has an enemy in this world. Even if you live a simple life, still you will have someone who will be jealous of your simplicity. So, what do you do? If you are a kind of person who just want to continue with his life and doesn’t want to interfere in anyone’s life then you should just keep yourself safe. Dua for protection from enemy will help you remain protected from all side from your enemy. It will prevent your enemy from harming you or anyone else in your family.

Islamic Dua For Protection Against Enemies

When you perform dua for protection from enemy, Allah miyan will make ways for you and you will get away from the mind of your enemy. Even if your enemy will try to harm you, he will fail and his attempts will backfire. If you are scared that your enemy is very powerful and he has harmed you in the past and will continue to harm you even when you don’t interfere in his life, then the wazifa for enemy protection will help you in keeping yourself safe and secure. Your enemy will not be able to harm you in anyway, mentally, physically or financially.

Safety Dua For Protection From Enemy 

Wazifa for protection from enemy is very effective and powerful. It will change your enemy’s thinking and he will never think of causing any harm to you. If your enemy is very jealous of your growth and he wants to harm your business and work and he continues to spread false rumors to your clients, then perform dua to get rid of enemies. Insha Allah, none of your enemy’s attempt will ever cause any harm to you. And, you will be able to do your business effortlessly without any fear.

Wazifa To Protect From Enemy

If your enemy has done sifli amal on your life and he hates you till the verge of killing you, then the best way to protect yourself is to recite dua to get rid of enemies. The dua will protect you from all evil acts. You will not face any further trouble from his side and his attacks will have no power in front of you. It is the best way to secure yourself from the bad deeds of your enemy.

Dua For Protection From Enemy

You can acquire the dua to get rid of enemies from our molvi saab. He will give you suggestions about the right wazifa to protect yourself from enemy. He’ll tell you how to fix his wrongs and punish him. Discuss the matter and he will perform the wazifa on his own to protect your life, health, and money.

Wazifa to protect yourself from enemy – Recite Surah Al-Qasas 111 times daily and think about your enemy and blow it on him. Pray to Allah Talah to protect you from the bad intentions of your enemy. Insha Allah, your enemy will fail, every time he tries to harm you.

रब्बी नजजी नी मिनल धलीमिन

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