Wazifa For Baby Boy During Pregnancy – Surah Kausar For Baby Boy


Wazifa For Baby Boy

The news of pregnancy fills everyone with joy and hope. A baby fulfills so many dreams of the family. He/she brightens your life and gives meaning to your marriage. However, sometimes families want a baby boy. Well, truly, the choice of a boy or girl is not in your hands. It lies in the hands of Allah Talah but you can make it come true when you recite wazifa for baby boy during pregnancy.

This wazifa for conceiving a baby during pregnancy time will help you get a male baby for you. It will increase the chances of a male child in your pregnancy. However, it is important that you have a clear intention and a pure heart while reciting this wazifa. You shouldn’t recite the surah Kausar for the baby boy during pregnancy, just because you don’t want a girl child.

For instance, if you already have one or two girls and now you want a boy who can take care of you and your spouse during your old age, then you can certainly practice dua for a beautiful baby boy. Surely, Allah Talah will hear your prayers and bless you with a baby boy.

Surah Kausar For Baby Boy

Wazifa For Baby Boy During PregnancyA male child supports the family and serves the parents during their old age. A girl is bound to get married and go to her in-law’s house. So, if you are pregnant and you are planning just to have one child and you want it to be a male child then you should recite the surah Kausar for baby boy. You can also perform this wazifa for some other pregnant lady whom you know. Either the mother, sister, father, or anyone in the family can practice the wazifa and blow it on the lady.

If you have just lost a child and you wish to conceive and give birth to a male child now, then the surah Yusuf for a beautiful baby will be of great help to you. However, you shouldn’t ever consider a girl child’s burden on you and pray for a male child. But, if your pregnancy has developed some complications and you cannot be a mother again.

So, you want your only child to be a boy, then you should recite dua for a beautiful baby boy. You can get the wazifa from our molvi sb. Also, find the wazifa for a healthy baby. NO matter what Allah Talah blesses you with, you should always be thankful and nourish them in the best possible way.

Wazifa For Baby Boy is given below:

The pregnant lady should practice Surah Teen for at least 40 days. After you recite it, blow it on a glass of water and then drink the water.

Insha Allah, you will be blessed with a male child. Also, pray that your child should be an obedient and good boy. Also, pray for the health of your pregnancy and delivery. Insha Allah, very soon you will deliver a beautiful baby boy.

In case, you have any questions or queries, feel free to ask our Molvi Sab about it and get immediate help.

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Ladka Hone Ka Wazifa

Aulad hone ki khushi shayad hi koi waldain alfazo mein bayan kar sakte hai. Chahe aapki ladki ho ya ladka, ek waldain ke liye dono hi barabar hai. Lekin baaz waqt aap apni pehli ya dusri aulad ladka chahte hai. Agar aapki pehli aulad ladki hai aur ab aap apne liye ek ladka chahte hai toh aap ladka hone ka wazifa aur dua for baby boy parhe. Ye wazifa parhne se Insha Allah, Allah Rabbul Alimeen aapko ek ache aur sehat mand ladke se nawazega.

Agar aap chahte hai ki aapki bahu ya biwi ko ladka ho aur aapki pehli aulad ladka ho, iska aapko behad armaan hai toh Allah Talah se poori aajzi aur minnat se beta paida hone ki rohani dua kare. Agar aapke maqsad saaf honge toh Insha Allah, aapko beshak ek ladka hoga. Kabhi bhi ladka ladki mein fark karke ye dua na mange. Ladka hone ka wazifa tab hi parhe jab aapke pass ladki pehle se ho ya phir apke hamal mein dikkat ho aur aap dobaara maa na ban paye, aisa doctor ne keh diya ho.

Beshak ladke apne waldain ke budhape ka sahara hote hai. Wo apne waldain ka sath poori umar dete hai. Ladkiyan ek din apne ghar ki ho jati hai. Agar aap ki ye soch hai aur aap is wajah se apne liye ladka chahte hai toh aap beta paida hone ki dua parhe. Beshak Allah Talah aapki niyat janta hai aur wo aapko bilkul nawzega. Iske sath sath aap apni aulad ki sehat mand hone ki aur neik dil hone ki bhi dua mange. Aap ladka hone ka wazifa humare Molvi sab se hasil kar sakte hai.

Wo aapko iska sabse behtreen aur asaan tarika batayenge. Aur ye dua for having a baby boy aap apni biwi ka hamal shuru hote hi parhna shuru karde. Aakhri ke din aane ka intezar na kare.

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