How To Perform Istikhara For Marriage 4.5 (348)

How To Do Istikhara For Marriage

Nowadays, relationships are broken faster than they are made. Hence, people want to be sure of a relationship when they enter into one. Out of all relations given to us by Allah Talah, marriage is one which we get to choose. Thus, we don’t want to make any mistake in choosing our partner. One way … Read more

Istikhara Dua For Marriage Proposal For Choosing Life Partner 4.5 (222)

Istikhara For Marriage Proposal

If you are a Muslim and you want to make a decision about your marriage, then you can seek Allah’s guidance and wisdom. Because Allah alone knows what is best for you and He also knows that what appears good for you now will not be good in the future. Thus, you should practice Istikhara … Read more

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