Quran Ayat Verses For Love and Marriage

Quran Verses About Love

Islam is a religion that teaches the world about love and peace. The Holy Quran is a constant reminder to all of us about the love we should have in our life. The devotion and faith towards Allah are taught to all the Muslims while growing up. The Quran Ayat for love teach us how to represent our deep love for the Almighty.

The Quranic verses about love enable us to truly devote our faith to Allah SWT. These verses have the power to manifest love in our life in the most creative manner. We learn to appreciate the beauty of a soul, and all the creative art by the God that is alive in everything around us. We begin to appreciate the kindness of people around us and in the Universe. The Quran verses about love and marriage however strengthen our faith in the institution of marriage and the love that keeps in alive.

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Quran Ayat For Love

The Quran ayat for love helps a true Muslim in understanding the human need for companionship. At some point in life, we all feel the need to have a genuine companion or partner by our side. This companionship is found when two people begin to love each other. The need of affection and love can be fulfilled with the help of the Quran ayat about love and marriage.

Every person is a social being who needs affection in life. The Quran says a lot about love. The mentions in the Quran about love encourage every human to find a companion and spouse. The ayats in the Holy Quran help us in understanding the importance and joy of sharing affection and love between two people.

Quran verses about love and marriage teach all the married people about how to maintain a healthy relationship between husband and wife. Quran has a lot of things to say about love and marriage. We have to fulfill our duties towards Allah by marrying a pious and righteous person. This duty or responsibility should always be fulfilled with full faith and pure intention.

Quranic Verses On Love Between Husband And Wife

We are now going to tell you how to read the Quranic verses on love between husband and wife. The process mentioned below is one of the best verses from the Quran about love. A person who is unmarried can also read this to find true companion in life.

Reading one of the most effective Quranic verses for love between husband and wife is a simple process. But it should be done with proper discipline to get the best results.

  • Begin with reciting “Ya Allah” for 471 times after you perform ablution to clean yourself.
  • Make sure you do this ritual in a quiet place away from all noise and distractions.
  • Keep a knife in front of your prayer mat.
  • Now chant this verse 876 times: “Sapeb Yuh Gright Omni Contolus Uzbeen Zarey”.
  • After finishing the recitations, go to bed and keep that knife under your pillow.
  • At last, you can conclude this ritual by reciting any verse from Surah.
  • Make sure you do this ritual non-stop for at least 21 days to see the results.

If you do not understand the process of the above ritual, you can contact our Maulvi Sahab any time.

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