Wazifa and Dua To Change Someone’s Mind


Dua To Change Someone’s Mind

Sometimes our thinking does not match with our dear ones and we have no idea how to convince them. For instance, if you have been asking your husband for something but he is delaying it for no reason, then what should you do? Well, the best you can do it change his mind. Yes Islam gives you the permission to change a person’s mind for the right cause. If your reason is halal, then just perform dua to change someone’s mind and Insha Allah, he will do according to you and your desire will be fulfilled. 

Wazifa To Change Someone’s Mind

If you have been requesting your boss a salary appraisal or for your promotion or transfer to a particular place or branch but he is not listening to you then you can also perform wazifa to change someone’s mind! The wazifa will completely change his mind and he will do as you want. He will give you promotion, increase your pay or transfer you. wazifa to change someone’s mind is very strong and effective and it will give you desired results in a short time period. You will not have to do anything else to convince the person. He will agree to anything and everything you say.

Wazifa and Dua To Change Mind

Amal To Change Someone’s Mind

If your parents are not ready for a particular thing, but you want to buy it badly or you want to do it anyhow, then you can also perform the amal to change someone’s mind. The amal will bring a change in their heart and they will happily agree for anything you want. They will take interest in your ideas and then help you in accomplishing them. The amal to change someone’s heart should be performed under the guidance of a professional. You can seek help of our molvi saab. He will guide with the proceedings and help you do it in the right manner. Just perform the amal and wait for the results. Insha Allah, you will be able to control their mind and make them agree for anything you want.

Strong Islamic Dua To Change Someone’s Mind

Strong Islamic dua to change someone’s mind – If you want your son or daughter to marry someone, but they are not ready for it, then the strong Islamic dua to change someone’s mind will be able to change their mind. They will consider the proposal and agree for the marriage. As a parent you will never think wrong for your child, but sometimes kids don’t agree with their parents. The strong dua to change someone’s mind will make you control their mind and they will do as you say.

Dua to change someone’s mind – When you are making the wazu please read –“Inna Allah Yusmiyu Mayyashao”.  Recite verse 22 from Surah Fatir for 111 times. And blow it on the person whose mind you want to change. If that person lives away from you, just think about him/ her and blow or blow it on his/ picture. Insha Allah in 21 days, you will see how they will agree to all you say.


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