Dua To Find True Love – Dua For Finding Soulmate

The dua to find love is the most effective Islamic prayer to find your soulmate. There are many daus for finding love which include dua for true love, dua to find your soulmate, dua to get true love back, and dua for love marriage to marry your true soulmate. Reading all these duas to find true love will help you find love back into your life.  

Dua to find true love 

The most common situation where people need to read the dua to find true love is when the wish for a companion for life. To get the hajat from finding dua to find true love, you have to make a niyyah to find your true love. After performing the niyyah, perform the dua to find love we will mention below. 

Niyyah for love to find your true love 

Begin with thanking Al-Fattah, so that he hears a dua for finding true love. Before Ar-Rahim, say: “I am reading this dua to find soulmate because I want to find my true love.” Thank Al-Muhayim and sincerely ask him to bless you with patience so that you can follow the values of Islam.  

Surahs and wazifas for love to find your true love step-by-step 

  • Begin with performing ablution and perform Isha namaz.  
  • Then, recite Durood E Shareef thrice followed by Salatul Hajat wazifa twice.  
  • Recite Surah Ar-Rahman once while thinking of the lover you want in life.  
  • At last, ask almighty Allah to help you find true love in life.  

To find out for how long you have to perform the wazifa for love to find your true soulmate, contact our Islamic scholar.  

Dua for love to find your soulmate 

The purpose of performing the dua for love to find your soulmate is to meet the person destined for you. With the help of this dua to find love, you will find the person who is your best match. To perform this dua to find love, you have to make a niyyah to find your soulmate. Make the niyyah before perform the following wazifa.  

Niyyah for love to find your soulmate 

Be grateful to Al-Karim and the blessings you get from him. Al-Musawwir, you make me feel safe because of your mighty presence and your help for living a righteous life. Ask Al-Jabbar to listen to your dua for true love and finding a soulmate. Tell Al-Hakim, that you want to meet your soulmate and live a happy life with them.  

How to perform Surahs and wazifas for your soulmate? 

  • First, perform wudu and then recite two rakat nafil prayer.   
  • Follow by 5 recitations of Durood Shareef.  
  • Recite Surah Fatiha 55 times while thinking of a happy life with your soulmate. 
  • Again, recite Durood Shareef five times and ask Almighty Allah to accept your dua for true love. 

Perform this wazifa to find true love for 21 days to meet your soulmate.  


Dua To Find Your Soulmate 

The reason behind people performing the dua to find your soulmate is to find a life companion. When someone finds the need to get married with their true love, they should read the dua to find soulmate. Before performing this dua for soulmate, perform the niyyah for marriage.  

Niyyah To Find Your Soulmate 

Be clear of your intentions of marrying someone for true love and respect. Let Al-Hakim know that you want to marry a righteous person who will love you and respect you. Ask for Al-Aleem’s blessing for your future partner and your marital life. Ask for patience and wait for the right person to arrive in your life.  

How to perform dua to find your soulmate? 

  1. First, perform ablution and sit in a quiet place.
  2.  Next, you have to read Durood e Sharif once.
  3. Then, recite Surah al-Ahzab 3 times in a soft voice.
  4. After that, recite Durood e Sharif once more to end this dua to find soulmate.

At last, Ask Allah to bless you with your true soulmate and a happy future. For more information, Call: +91-8306324220 or follow us on Instagram.

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