Dua For Safe & Successful Pregnancy – Dua To Prevent Miscarriage


Dua To Prevent Miscarriage in Pregnancy

If you have been confirmed that you are pregnant, then first and foremost, you should thank Allah SubhanaWa’ Tala for this gift and ask for protection and safety of your baby. Yes, it is very important to pray for successful delivery and to recite dua to prevent miscarriage in pregnancy. Pray to Allah to bless you with a healthy child, whether boy or girl and do not let any harm or miscarriage affect it. Insha Allah, with the help of dua to prevent miscarriage in pregnancy, your baby will develop well be healthy.

The time of pregnancy is very sensitive and anything can lead to a problem for you and your child. Thus, it is very important to be cautious and keep reciting dua for safe successful pregnancy. The dua will help your baby to develop healthily without any problem. It will help you to deliver a healthy baby. It will protect your baby from all worldly threats, evil eyes and black magic effects. Recite the dua for safe successful pregnancy as directed by our molvi sb. to reap its benefits. It is very beneficial for all women who are pregnant, no matter which pregnancy month it is.

Dua To Prevent Miscarriage

Dua For Safe and Successful Pregnancy

Allah Talah has blessed women with so many duas and wazifas in Quran to avoid all types of problems during pregnancy. You should recite it daily to prevent all types of problems and miscarriage till the time of delivery. Make sure apart from taking extra care of yourself and the bay, you should also read Quran and recite dua for protection from miscarriage. It will have good effect on your baby and avoid any problem from coming on you and your child. Dua for protection from miscarriage is the best thing you can do for a healthy growth of your baby.

Dua For Protection From Miscarriage

Recite this dua given below as much as you can any time you are sitting idle and blow it on your womb for the healthy growth of your child.

“Rabbi Hab Li Minas Saaliheen”

“Rabbi Hab Li Mil LadunkaZurriyatanTayyiban”


Dua For Successful Pregnancy

If you recite “YaSalaamu” in the morning no calamity will be able to affect you till night. And, if you recite it in the evening, no calamity will harm you till morning. Dua for successful pregnancy will give your baby all the security and safety. For only He knows what a woman bears in her womb. Dua for successful pregnancy is the best thing that a mother can practice for the safety of her child. It will prevent premature delivery or miscarriage and make your baby grow as he/ she should/

Apart from this, you should always be wudu and avoid committing any sin. Make sure you eat halal rozi and do not do any wrong to anyone. Insha Allah, very soon you will be a mother of a beautiful and healthy baby. Also pray to Allah Talah to ease your delivery procedure. Insha Allah, you will suffer from no pain during the time of delivery.


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