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Are you a newly married woman who wants her husband to love her? Do you want a romantic dua for husband love in Urdu to make your spouse fall in love with you? We are here to tell you the most powerful duas for love of husband. These duas and wazifa for husband love and husband attraction will help you win your husband’s heart. Keep reading further to learn how to make husband love you madly in Islam through best dua to increase love between husband and wife.

What Is The Power Of Dua For Husband Love (Husband Love Dua)

In Islamic belief, dua (supplication) is considered a powerful way to seek Allah’s help and blessings, including for a husband. Reciting dua with sincerity and faith is believed to have numerous benefits, such as:

  1. Strengthening the husband-wife relationship: Reciting dua for love of husband with a pure heart can help strengthen the love and bond between spouses, promote understanding and harmony, and foster a strong and healthy relationship.
  2. Seeking Allah’s blessings: Reciting dua is a way of seeking Allah’s blessings and guidance for the husband’s success, well-being, and prosperity, both in this life and the hereafter.
  3. Protection from harm: Reciting dua can also be a means of seeking Allah’s protection from any harm or danger that may befall the husband, such as illness, accidents, or misfortune.
  4. Seeking forgiveness: Reciting dua can also be a way of seeking Allah’s forgiveness for any sins or mistakes the husband may have committed and seeking His guidance and mercy for a better future.
  5. Increasing love and affection: Reciting dua can help increase love, affection, and respect between the spouses and create a peaceful and happy home environment.

It is important to remember that the power of dua for husband love comes from Allah alone, and any dua’s effectiveness depends on the supplicant’s sincerity, faith, and good intentions. Therefore, reciting dua for a husband with a pure heart, sincere intentions, and full trust in Allah’s mercy and power is important.

Dua To Get Husband Love and Attraction

Marriages often break because of lost love between spouses. In such a case, partners must pray to Allah and pay attention to their relationship to save it. Reciting the powerful dua for love of husband in Urdu is the best remedy to get your partner’s love.

A woman who wants to save her marriage by getting love and respect from her husband must pray to Almighty Allah. For this, she must perform this wazifa or dua for love in Urdu 1000 times. This dua to attract husband is an effective method to pray to Allah SWT to bless a marriage with happiness and love.

You can get the dua to increase love between husband and wife from our Molvi Sahab. He will disclose the correct procedure for it. Follow the process, he says, and you will get positive results soon.

How to Make Husband Love You Madly in Islam?

Dua To Increase Love Between Husband and Wife

Islam gives you full liberty to gain your husband’s highest love and affection. So, being a wife, you should do everything in your hand to attract your husband to you and enhance your relationship with him. Apart from doing all the worldly efforts, you should also recite dua to attract husband or wazifa for husband love and attraction.

If you want the perfect better half, you should become your husband’s apple of the eye. The dua for husband love back will help wipe out all the distance and difference from your relationship and bring your husband so much into you.

Dua For Loyal Husband To Only Think About You

Your husband will not think of anything or anyone else apart from you. His love for you will never diminish with time. Often with time, a husband starts losing interest in his wife. But, Islamic dua to attract husband will never let this happen.

Your husband will always be madly in love with you and will do anything for you. The romantic dua to attract someone towards you will make your relationship pass the test of time and hardships and allow it to blossom. A marriage cannot last long if your husband isn’t interested in you. The dua or wazifa for husband love will maintain his interest in you and keep your relationship fresh and new.

The dua for love and attraction in Islam will wipe out all the issues and conflicts from your marriage and make it happy and content. Your husband will give you all his time and love and will always be affectionate towards you. Also, no black magic or evil eye will ever be able to impact your marriage.

Islamic Dua To Attract Husband Towards You

islamic dua to attract husband

The Islamic dua to attract husband is a Quranic remedy for all those wives who want to make their married life happy and successful. It will never let your husband go astray to another woman and always keep him interested in you. His interest in you will never end.

If you wish to end all the discrepancies and bad things from your marriage, practice dua to make someone fall in love with you to get husband love with firm belief and purity.
Islamic dua for love of husband is here:

Allah Humma Salli Ala Muhammadin Kullama Zakarahuz Zakiroona Wa Kullama Gafala An Zikrihil Gafiloon

dua to attract husband towards you
  • Recite this dua to bring success, attraction, and affection to your married life.
  • Read this dua for husband love in Urdu 51 times daily, blow on something sweet, and make your husband eat that.
  • Keep doing this for 21 days, and your husband will fall in love with you, Insha Allah.

Dua To Attract Someone Towards You

If you feel that with time your marriage has lost its spice and fragrance and you want to re-attract your husband towards you, then you should recite dua to attract someone towards you. This love and attraction dua will attract your husband, insha Allah.

Sometimes you need to re-create love in your relationship. Dua to make someone love you is the finest technique to fix a spouse who doesn’t love you. You should recite the dua to attract someone towards you with the same intensity as you do.

Wazifa For Husband Love And Attraction Step-By-Step

Written below is the stepwise process to perform the wazifa for love and attraction:

  • After completing the Asar afternoon namaz, think of the person you want to attract.
  • While thinking of them, begin reciting first five verses of the Surah-Al-Kahf thrice.
  • Take a white piece of cloth and write your lover’s name on it.
  • Recite this wazifa for love 101 times:

“Hasbi-allaahu la ilaha illaa Huwaa ‘alaihi tawak kaltu waa Huwaa Rab-bul ‘arshil ‘azeem”

Continue to perform this process for a week to get desired results. If you do not get the desired results, get in touch with our Islamic scholar.

Surah For Love And Attraction

The Islamic surah for love and attraction is for those who feel their relationship is losing its charm. So, go for it and see what magic it brings to your relationship.

Those who understand the importance of love know that life becomes colorless without it. Living without the person who loves you and cares for you can become a burden. To find that special someone who will always love you, reading the surah for love and attraction can be helpful.

To perform the surah for love and attraction, perform this stepwise process:

  • Perform the surah for love and attraction after completing the Maghrib namaz.
  • As soon as you complete the Maghrib namaz, recite first five verses of the Surah Ar-Rahman 11 times.
  • Then, recite this surah for love and attraction: “Subhaan Allahi Waa Bi-Hamdih” 300 times.
  • At last think of the person you want to attract towards you.

Perform this surah for love and attraction for 40 consecutive days. 

It will strengthen his connection with you and make your relationship more robust than before. So, recite the romantic dua in Urdu with complete purity in your heart. Call our Molvi Ji on the number +91-8306324220 or follow him on Instagram to directly chat with him.

Here are some ways to improve Your relationship with your Husband

Strengthening your relationship with your husband from an Islamic perspective involves following the principles and guidance provided by Islam to maintain a healthy and harmonious marriage. Here are some tips to help you strengthen your relationship:

  • Pray Together: Engaging in daily prayers together as a couple can help strengthen your spiritual connection.
  • Communication: Open and honest communication is vital in any relationship. In Islam, the concept of “mawaddah” (affection) and “rahmah” (mercy) between spouses is emphasized.
  • Respect: Islam teaches respect for one another. Respect your husband’s opinions, decisions, and feelings.
  • Support Each Other’s Goals: Encourage each other to pursue personal and professional goals.

How To Increase the Effectiveness of This Dua For Husband In Urdu

Through dua, we can communicate with Allah Talah directly, asking for help with our difficulties. Since only Allah can show us the way, our first goal should be to make our dua (supplication) as effective as possible so that it reaches the Most High.

  • Your Dua for husband love should be strong and sincere, but not overly sentimental.
  • Don’t give up hope, and don’t assume that your dua for husband love won’t be heard.
  • Take a sip of Zamzam water while facing Qibla Sharif and say a prayer.
  •  Don’t sin during that time, and if you already have, recite “Astafirgallah” 33 times in repentance.
  •  Do as much “Hadiya” and “Sadaqah” (charity) as you can.
  • Focusing the dua on your husband can increase its efficacy, so have a photo of him close by if it helps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Recite the dua on behalf of my husband, or should he repeat it himself?

It is beneficial for both the wife and husband to recite the dua for husband love and attraction individually. However, the wife can also repeat the dua on her husband’s behalf if he cannot do so. Encouraging the husband to recite it himself as well is recommended, as his active participation can strengthen the bond.

Can Anyone perform dua for a husband’s love and attraction?

Anyone can perform the dua for husband love and attraction. It can be done by the wife who desires to strengthen the love and attraction between herself and her husband. Performing the dua with sincerity and devotion is essential.

Are there any other rituals or acts that go along with the dua?

In addition to saying the dua for husband love, other things can be done to improve the marriage. This could mean showing your husband love and kindness and taking care of your marital duties. When done with the dua, these acts can make the relationship more passionate and attractive.

What Is the Islamic Prayer for a Husband’s Attraction to His Wife?

The phrase “Ya Wadud, Ya Rahman, Ya Rahim”. O Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate, I beg you in order to make my husband love me more. Make me look like the most amazing, kind, and loving lady to him. Inspire him to want to be with me constantly, and fill his time with joy and satisfaction.

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