Baraka Allahu Lakuma Dua – Barakallahu in English


A marriage not only brings two people together, but it unites the two families as well. When two individuals marry, their loved ones are full of love and wish to bless them. Today we will share with you Baraka allahu lakuma dua or barakallah dua for marriage that you can use to bless the newlyweds. This is a very famous and beautiful dua that a lot of people use to print in the wedding cards.

Baraka Allahu Lakuma Dua For Marriage

We are sharing this marriage dua barakallahu in English so that everyone can get familiar with it and can use it whenever the need be. Not everyone is familiar with the barakallah lakuma dua for marriage wishes according to the standards of marriage in Islam.

The phrase “Baraka Allahu Lakuma” is an Arabic phrase commonly used to convey blessings and well-wishes in Islamic contexts. It can be used in various situations, including during weddings or when congratulating someone on their marriage.

you can certainly make a dua for a newly married couple or for your own marriage using your own words or by reciting various prayers from the Quran and Hadith that are related to marriage and blessings. 

Marriage Dua Barakallahu in English

Marriage Dua Barakallahu in English

A marriage is lovely and should be fostered with love, care, trust, and understanding to last. A lot of married couples still use Baraka allahu lakuma dua every day to maintain the harmony of their marriage. This is the marriage dua barakallahu in English that you can use to bless and congratulate the newlyweds:

Baraka Allahu lakuma

Wa baraka ‘alaykuma

Wa jama’a baynakuma

Fi khayr

May Allah bless everything for you two And shower His blessings upon the two of you And may he bring you together In everything that is good

You can reply the people with these expressions who blesses you with the Barak Allahu Lakuma dua:

Males can reply with:

wa feeka baarak-allaahu

females can reply with:

wa feeki baarak-allaahu

 You can use the above expression of the dua to bless them back.

Barakallahu Lakuma Dua For Marriage Wishes

Baraka Allahu Lakuma Dua

This is the Barakallahu Lakuma dua for marriage wishes. This dua is usually to congratulate newlyweds. Everyone wants to wish the newly married couples and want them to cherish this beautiful gift of Allah. Barakallah dua for marriage is the way to express your blessings.

Marriage is the start of a lifelong adventure with your partner, sharing happiness, joy, despair, and troubles. The newlyweds must understand the sacredness of this beautiful relation and follow their responsibilities dutifully. This Barakallahu Lakuma dua for marriage wishes is the best way to express your love and affection for the newlyweds.

A lot of people had requested us to share the barak Allahu Lakuma dua for marriage in English so that they can understand the meaning and use it to bless the couples. You can also use this dua if you feel that someone is going through a bad phase in their marriage. You can bless your child’s marriage with this English dua Barakallahu if you’re their mother and they’re far apart.

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