Powerful Wazifa To Make Someone Mad In Love With You

Powerful Wazifa To Make Someone Mad In Love With You

Do you love someone madly? Do you want that person you love you madly? Well, Allah Talah has given humans the capacity to love someone unconditionally in the strangest possible methods. But, sometimes you don’t even get the love you deserve from your partner. If your partner doesn’t love you or care about you, then you should recite powerful wazifa to make someone mad in love with you. It will magically make your partner love you from the bottom of his/ her heart.

When things don’t go as you want, then it is better to confide in Allah Subhana Wa’ Tala. So, you just have to make a sincere dua and recite wazifa to get someone mad in love and surely you will get the unconditional and uncompromised love of your lover.

Powerful Wazifa To Make Someone Mad In Love With You

  • Make ablution
  • Take a glass of water and recite “Ya Wajidu” 1100 times and blow it on the water
  • Now pray to Allah Talah to bless you with the eternal love of your partner
  • Give this water to your partner right after completing the powerful wazifa or dua to make someone mad in love with you.
  • In just 21 days, you will notice a change in his/ her behavior and they will become your die-hard lover.

Allah talah listens to those who pray deeply without any darkness or impurity. If you really miss that person in your life and would do anything to bring him/ her back, then the dua to get your love back will definitely work for you. It is important to get the wazifa from an experienced and professional Islamic astrologer. Our molvi sb. has immense knowledge in this regard. He will be happy to render his help to you. Contact him for your case and surely you will get the best suggestion for your matter.

Make sure you practice the wazifa as directed and not amend it in any way. In case you need any help with the procedure, then our molvi sb. will help you.

Wazifa to Make Someone Love You Madly

The procedure for Dua to get your loved one back in your life is given below:

  1. Recite this wazifa on the first Thursday of the new moon.
  2. You have to recite this wazifa after performing the obligatory prayer of the night before going to sleep.
  3. Recite this wazifa 101 times along with Durood Ibrahimi 7 times at the beginning and 7 times in the end.
  4. Pray to Allah Talah to melt the heart of that person and make them come back to you.
  5. Insha Allah, in no time your prayers will be heard and that person will come back.

“Kad Sha Ga Fa Ha”

If your parents have become angry with you over something and you want to apologize to them, but they are not ready to listen to you then practice wazifa to get someone back in your life and they will talk to you. Indeed, Allah sees what is present in your heart and if your motives are clear then surely nothing can stop your prayers from getting fulfilled.

Never give up on Allah Talah. When you practice the wazifa, indeed Allah talah is witnessing it and surely if your intentions are true and heart is clean, you will get the benefits. Allah Talah may sometimes test your patience and do things for your betterment. So, have faith in the doings of Almighty and surely you will get what’s in store for you. If your lover is the right one for you, he/ she will certainly come to you. And, indeed your dua has the power to change your destiny. So, recite the dua to get your lover back and surely that person will come back to you.

Wazifa To Get Someone Contacts You

Has your lover broken all contacts with you? Is your lover not on talking terms with you? Do you want your lover to call you? Do you wish to get back in a relationship with him/ her? Well, if yes, then you should definitely practice the wazifa to get someone to contact you. The wazifa will make your lover crave for you. He/she will start missing you and would want to speak to you on an immediate basis. The wazifa to get someone contact you will bring your ex-lover back in your life.

Sometimes, your lover breaks all bonds and contacts with you. It may be heartbreaking to end all contacts. But if you miss him/ her badly, then you can make them contact you by reciting wazifa to get someone to contact you. Insha Allah, the Almighty will make paths for you and your partner’s heart will melt.

Recite this wazifa given below 100 times and think about the person and blow it. Pray to Allah Talah to make him/ her contact you as soon as possible. Insha Allah, in some time that person will contact you. In case you have any queries, contact our molvi sb.

Innal Laaha Yus Miyu Mayya Shao

Dua To Make Someone Love You Madly

Is your lover taking you for granted? Are you in a one-sided relationship? Do you think your lover doesn’t talk to you a lot? If the answer to all the questions is yes, then you should practice dua to make someone love you madly. The dua/wazifa will melt the heart of your lover and he/she will always miss you when you are not present with them. Your presence will mean a lot to your lover and he/ she will never take you for granted.

If your lover has a carefree attitude towards you and they don’t treat you well, then the dua to make someone mad in love with you is the best remedy. Insha Allah, with the help of this dua, your lover will get attracted to you and will always want to be with you.

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The procedure for wazifa for someone miss you:

Recite “Ya Wadoodoo” 313 times at any point of the day after making fresh ablution and then think of your lover. Then pray to Allah Talah for your lover to miss you. Insha Allah, your lover’s attitude towards you will change and he/ she will always think of you and miss you and would want to be with you.

Wazifa To Get Someone Mad In Love

Girls are always seen to be too much involved in a relationship in comparison to boys. If your boyfriend also doesn’t give you much time or love, then it is time you make him realize your value. You should recite dua to make him think of me to make him madly fall in love with you. The dua will change his heart and he will always want to be with you. He would like to spend all his time with you. If your lover was too lenient and carefree towards you, then the dua to make him think of me will change his very attitude.



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