Islamic Prayers and Wazifa for All Types of Marriage

Islamic Prayers for All Types of Marriage

No matter what kind of marriage you are planning for yourself, the motto is to make it successful. Yes, whether you go for love marriage or arrange marriage, if your marriage is not happy and content, then you will always cry. So, it is very important to marry someone in the light of Allah Subhana Wa’ Tala keeping the do’s and don’ts of Islam in mind. If you are planning for your marriage, perform Islamic prayer for all types of marriage and Insha Allah, very soon your marriage will take place in the best possible way that you could have thought of.

Wazifa For All Types of Marriage

If you have some issues or problems in your marriage and you want to get it resolved as soon as possible, then the best remedy is to practice wazifa for all types of marriage and by the will and grace of Allah Talah, your marital problems will be resolved and very soon you will be able to get married. Even if you are married and you are facing problems in your marriage, then perform wazifa for all types of marriage and your after marriage problems will be fine. You marriage will become peaceful and happy and spouse will be like the one you have always wanted.

Islamic Prayers for All Types of Marriage in Urdu

Yes, if you are worried about how your spouse will turn out to be and whether he/ she will be compatible with you or not, then just recite Islamic prayers for all types of marriage and Insha Allah, whoever your partner will be, he/ she will be a great person. He/ she will be compatible with you and you both will spend a perfect marital life.

Wazifa for All Types of Marriage

You can get the Islamic prayer for all types of marriage in Urdu from our molvi saab. Explain what kind of marriage you’re opting for and what are you expecting and what do you want from it. Jazaka Allah, the Almighty has given the best wazifa and dua in Quran and Insha Allah, when you perform it with clean right and right intention, it will definitely be successful.

Dua Prayers To Be Done in All Type of Marriage

You can start this prayer on any day and any time of the month, but avoid Zawwal time. Make sure you do it in the state of ablution. Do it in a lonely room after you are done with all the work. Make sure nobody disturbs you. Recite “Ya Mujeebu” 5500 times. Once you’re done think of your marriage and weep pray with a heavy heart to Allah Talah to help you get married in the right way. If you love someone, then think of that person and then pray for your marriage. Keep doing this prayer for 11 days without leaving any gap. Insha Allah, the prayer will give you miraculous results and your marriage will be very successful.

يا مجيبو

In case, you do not see anything different in 11 days, just contact us and we will immediately make you talk to our Molvi Saab and get instant help for your matter.

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