Islamic Wazifa Prayer for Softening Heart

Dua for Softening Heart – Islamic Wazifa Prayer for Softening Heart

In today’s time, people have gone so harsh and rigid that they show no mercy to anyone. Whether it is a boss for an employee, a mother-in-law to her daughter-in-law or husband to wife sometimes you literally pray to Allah Talah to soften the heart of a person for your well being.  If you want to soften someone’s heart, and then just perform dua for softening heart and Insha Allah, very soon you will feel a change in the behavior of that person.

Dua for Softening Heart

For instance, if your boss is very strict and he dominates you and insults you every now and then in front of the whole office, then you should instantly get the dua for softening heart. It will make your boss go easy on you and you will see that he will behave well with you. However, remember that you should perform the dua keeping your purpose in mind. If a wife is performing the dua for softening heart to soften the heart of her husband, then it will change the heart of your husband. Your husband will behave differently with you. He will start loving you and caring about you.

Wazifa for Softening Heart

If your friend has become harsh towards you and is not behaving well with you, then you should wazifa for softening heart. The wazifa will bring a change in his/ her thoughts. He/ she will think of the good times you have spent together and will come back to you. If there has been a fight between friends and now they have broken up, then wazifa for softening heart will bring your relationship back to normal and Insha Allah, everything will be fine between you two.

Dua for Softening Heart

One can get the prayer to soften someone’s heart from our Molvi Saab. But, first you need to tell him your purpose. He will suggest the most suitable and best possible solution for your problem. And Insha Allah, you will get whatever you seek in a few days. Prayer to soften someone’s heart is close to Allah Miyan as it narrows down distance between two people. So, whoever takes the first step will definitely make it big in front of Allah Talah on the Day of Judgment.

Islamic Prayer to Soften Someone’s Heart 

The Islamic prayer to soften someone’s heart is mentioned below:

Make fresh ablution and recite Durood Shareef 15 times. Then recite this beautiful name of Allah Talah “Ya Azeezu” 100 times. Recite Durood Shareef 15 times and pray to soften the heart of the person you want.

Insha Allah, you will see that the person will change. His/ her heart will melt and the Almighty will bestow you with their love and affection. Females should not perform this prayer during their periods.

Make sure you use the dua for lawful purpose and recite it with 100% purity in your heart. It will bring the best results for you. Speak to our Molvi Saab now, if you do not get desired results after reciting it the very first time. 


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