Dua To Make Someone Love You – Wazifa For Making Someone Love You

Dua To Make Someone Love You

Getting loved by someone is the most precious thing in a person’s life. Nothing is lovelier than true love. But, what if you love someone but that person has no interest in you. Wouldn’t your heartbreak into pieces? But, you should not feel bad if someone you love doesn’t adore you. Allah Miyan has provided mankind with the wazifa and duas to get all they want, provided their motive is fair. So, when you practice dua to make someone fall in love, it will make the other person admire you. They will see the real you and start loving you.

Dua To Make Someone Love You: Those people whose lovers have left them for someone else, they can perform dua to make someone love you and get their lovers back in their life. The dua will re-ignite the flame of love in their hearts and they will come back to you. He/ she will realize his/ her mistake and never leave you again for any reason. If you are in need of dua to make someone love you, then immediately contact us. Our molvi Saab will give you the most opted dua for your case. Insha Allah, it will give you immediate results in just a few days.

Dua To Make Someone Fall in Love

Nothing feels better than getting loved by the person you love. The dua to make someone love you does exactly the same for you. Allah Talah melts the heart of the person you love and he/ she starts loving with the same intensity as you do. Your partner will feel immense love, care, and compassion for you. He/ she will have the desire to spend the rest of their life with you. dua to make someone fall in love with you will have a magical impact on your love and he/ she will soon become your life partner.


Yuhib Buhum Wa Yuhib Bunahu Azil Latin Alal Mu’meenina Aa Izzatan Alal Kaafireena

Wazifa For Making Someone Love You

Wazifa For Making Someone Love You: Recite this ayat on something which cannot be cooked on fire like sorbet or sweet curd or raisins for 99 times. And every time you complete 33 counts just blow on it. It means you have to blow thrice on it. Then give it to the person you want to fall in love with you to eat or drink. Insha Allah, the person will immediately fall in love.

The procedure is mujarab and should be performed after seeking permission from our molvi Saab Peer Muhammad Qadri Ji. The wazifa is very powerful and will give you instant results.

Those people who are shy in expressing their feelings, but have a love for someone, they can also practice wazifa for making someone love you. The amal will bring that person in their life and without doing anything they will get married. Indeed, Allah Miyan will set things aligned for you and you will get all you desire. Just perform Dua to make someone fall in love with you with utter sincerity and purity in your heart and everything will be fine.

Dua To Make Someone Love You, Wazifa For Making Someone Love

4 thoughts on “Dua To Make Someone Love You – Wazifa For Making Someone Love You

  1. Can we read dua and blow on photo of the person to make fall in love?.. does it work on non muslims? does this require permission from peerji.

  2. I love a guy very much ,but I don’t know his name , address and all.We are not in any kind of contact.
    Then what can I do?
    Can I recite this wazifa only imagining him?
    Please help me

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