5 thoughts on “Wazifa and Dua for Softening Heart – Prayer to Soften Someone’s Heart 

  1. good morning asalam mualaikum. i need help very urgently. i loved a muslim girl for 10 years. looked after her well. last month, she went away with another man in a illegal way. she still loves me and wants to come back, but this man is controlling her. i wish to take her back and look after her well. Please give me a solution to get her back through the will of almighty ALLAH.Her name is Kutom Binti Asan. DOB 1/1/1974 Salam

    1. AOA,

      My name is Mahira and I love this guy very much who has left me because of our plans were not going accordingly and because of this pandemic, he hasn’t contacted me for a day I pray to Allah day and night to have him back, please help me, I can’t live without him it has been over 3 days I haven’t eaten anything please tell me how to pray to have him back.

    2. assalamualikum, my husband has joint business with his brother the elder brother says i have done all the hard work so all the property is mine since last two months he is not even giving us monthly salary. plz suggest some wazifa. and remember in your duas. jazakAllah

  2. Assalamualaikum
    I love a girl for 4 years she used to love me back and I still fell that she still loves me. She still talks to me.
    But she became heartless and she doesn’t want to take me back because I made few mistake and I feel guilty about it . But I love her truly and I want to marry her Its been 3 months 6 days she is like this.
    Please tell me how to pray and request Allah tor forgive me and make her like before and soften her heart.

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