Dua For Husband Long Life and Good Health

Dua For Husband Long Life

For any woman, the health and long life of her husband is extremely important. A woman feels confident, happy, and content when she is around her husband. This is why we understand how important and precious a man can be for his wife. The wife can go to any limits to secure the well-being of her husband. So, if you want to protect your husband from evil eyes then you should use the dua for husband long life regularly on him. 

Yes, the dua for husband long life will grant your husband long and happy life. If you feel that you cannot imagine a single day without your husband then the dua for husband long life is the best dua that you should recite every day. You can use the dua for husband long life every day after Namaz e Esha.

This dua is performed to request Allah Subhan Wa Taala to grant your husband a prosperous, happy and long life. Insha Allah, if you will recite the dua for husband health and long life daily as guided by our Molvi Ji very soon, then your husband will have a long and happy life. He will always be around you to keep you happy. Masha Allah!!

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Dua For Husband Good Health

Dua For Husband Good Health

Dua for husband good health – “WA EEZA MAAREEZTU FAAHUWAA YASHFEEN”

All of our sisters want to see their husbands always in good shape and health. The above-given dua for husband good health can be used by any wife who is worried about her husband’s health and other related problems. If your husband is suffering from any sickness currently or for a long time, we have dua for husband good health.

You can consult us to get dua for a particular disease or health condition. But, the dua for husband good health can be used by a wife even if the husband is not sick. This dua for husband good health will protect your spouse from any possible illness, harm, or accidents. 

An illness not just causes problems for the person suffering from it. The sickness of even a single person can cause a lot of trouble for the whole family as well. In case the man of the family falls sick, the family might suffer from financial problems as well. This is why a woman always makes sure that her husband is in the best of his health. For this purpose of keeping her husband healthy, married women often read the dua for husband good health.


Dua For Health And Long Life Of Husband 

A wife makes a lot of effort to keep her husband happy and healthy. She takes care of him and his needs so that he never has to suffer in life. However, some husbands still fall physically sick even after their wives do their best to take care of them. In such a situation, the dua for health and long life of husband is the perfect solution.  

The dua for health and long life of spouse is a prayer married women have been reading for decades. They read this dua for a better life of their husband so that they stay protected from all kinds of illness. If you wish to read the dua for health and long life of your husband, follow the steps mentioned below:  

  • You have to make sure you read all the 5 namaz to get your dua accepted.  
  • After any of the daily prayers, begin reciting Durood Shareef three times.  
  • After the Durood, recite “Yaa Azeemu Yaa Hayyuu” 101 times.  
  • To end this process, recite Durood Shareef three more times.  
  • At last, with an honest and sincere heart, pray to Allah to bless your husband with a healthy and long life.  
  • If your husband is suffering from an illness, this dua will make his health better.   


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