How To Do Istikhara For Husband or Wife To Divorce – Istikhara for Divorce

istikhara for divorce

If a husband/wife is not satisfied or happy with one another, then Allah talah has given them the freedom to discontinue their marriage and take divorce. However, divorce is a big word and it doesn’t just impact the partners, but their families and their children. So, if you are not happy in your relationship and you want to get out of it, still you should do istikhara for divorce. The istikhara will help you know whether you should give you relationship another chance or quit.

istikhara for husband/wife to divorce Talaq 

Sometimes, the husband or wife are not loyal to one another. Cheating and betrayal is literally forbidden in Islam. And, if you have caught your spouse doing that, then it may lead you to take aggressive decisions. It is very important to keep yourself calm and have firm faith in Allah Talah. You should immediately perform istikhara for husband/wife to divorce to know whether this is the end of your relationship or you could fight for its survival. The istikhara for husband/wife to divorce will give you the hint of what Allah wills for you. You just have to follow it to get the best in your life.

Istikhara For Husband or Wife To Divorce

istikhara dua for husband wife divorce

Divorce is a very big step and any rash decision will end your marriage forever. So, you should perform istikhara for divorce to seek the guidance of Almighty Allah Talah to help you decide whether going for divorce will be a good decision for you or not. The istikhara dua for husband wife divorce is very effective and will give you correct verdict related to your relationship. It should be followed without question. Have no doubt in your heart for it comes directly from your creator, Allah Subhan Wa’ Tala.

how to do istikhara for divorce

However, what’s important here is to know how to do istikhara for divorce. Once you know the right procedure, then only you can do it correctly. You can seek professional help in this regard. Our molvi sb. will be very happy to help you make the right choice in your life. Feel free to share your woes and he will help you with how to do istikhara for divorce.

The procedure of how to do istikhara for divorce talaq is given below:

The husband or wife anyone can do this istikhara before going to sleep at night. Make sure you perform the namaz of Isha before doing it. Recite two rakatnafil with the niyat to thank Allah for everything He has bestowed you with.

Recite the istikharadua for divorce “Wa As Alaka Min Fadlika Al Azlm Fa Inna KataqDeeruWalaqDeeruWataLaamu Wala AalamuWa Anta AllamulGuyub”

Recite this dua at least 7 times, then take the name of your spouse and plead Allah Talah to guide you whether divorce is your option or not. Insha Allah, in your dreams you will get your answer.

The istikhara will give you the right guidance for your marital problems and divorce. Make sure you do it in the right manner with 100% faith and belief.

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