How To Do Salat Al Istikhara For Marriage Proposal


How To Do Salat Al Istikhara

How To Do Salat Al Istikhara: If you are a Muslim and you want to make a decision about your marriage, then you can seek Allah’s guidance and wisdom. Because Allah alone knows what is best for you and He also knows that what appears good for you now will not be good in the future. Thus, you should practice salat al istikhara for marriage proposal to find out whether a proposal that looks so promising now will be fine for you in the future too or not.

However, the major question here is how to do salat al istikharaWell, if you don’t know the process to perform salat al istikhara, then you can get help from our molvi sb. Tell him the purpose of istikhara and he will tell you the right way to perform it. If you are thinking whether you should marry a certain person or not and your mind is in doubt, then turn to Allah Talah for only He knows what’s best for you. And anything which you are unsure about can attain surety with only His guidance. Once you know how to do salat al istikhara, you can do it very easily and get an answer the same night.

How to Make Istikhara for Marriage?

The decision of your marriage may have given you several sleepless nights. But, when you practice salat al istikhara for marriage proposal, then you no longer will have any doubt in your mind about it. You should not hesitate in doing istikhara for any big or small decisions of your life. However, it is very important to perform it with great devotion and sincerity. Make sure you follow the verdict which comes to you, even it clashes with your thoughts.

Salat Al Istikhara For Marriage Proposal

And, never be impatient after doing the istikhara. If you don’t get the result the first night, repeat the process again to get the result the next night. Surely Allah will hear you and Allah will answer you in the best way possible.

Salat Al Istikhara For Marriage Proposal

The simplest way to practice it is by reciting two rakat nafil namaz after performing the obligatory prayer of the night. Then recite the istikhara dua for marriage. Then say the name of the boy/ girl and his/her mother. And pray to Allah Talah to give you a hint of whether the proposal is right for you or not. Once you are done, then you should sleep facing Kiblah.

Insha Allah, the very night, you will get a hint in your dreams. The answer could be either yes or no. But, remember whatever the sign is, it is directly from the Almighty Allah and you should abide by it. You can share the hint with our molvi sb. to find out its real meaning, in case you have any confusion. Make sure you know the right way of how to make istikhara for marriage to get the right decision for you.

Do not give up and always seek help from Allah Miyan for all big and small decisions of your life. Insha Allah, you will never fail. 

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