Dua For Love and Attraction in Couples Marriage

Dua For Love and Attraction

Allah Talah has blessed mankind with two beautiful things love and marriage. Marrying the person you love is the biggest blessing of the Rabbul Alimeen. Thus, whenever you are going to get married you should not just thank Allah Miyan, but also recite dua for dua for love in couples marriage. With the help of this dua, not only your marriage will be full of love and happiness all your life but will never be a victim of bad eyes or black magic. It will be secure in the refuge of Allah Talah.

Dua for Love in Couples Marriage

If you like someone but you don’t know how to say it to that person or if you are too shy to express your feelings to someone, then you can recite dua for love and attraction in couples marriage. The power of this dua will melt the heart of that person. He/ she will crave for your love and will be attracted towards you. They will express their desire to marry you and very soon you both will get in the nikah. All your life, both of you will remain attracted towards one another and your marriage will be successful.

Dua for Attraction in Couples Marriage

Sometimes your parents have fixed your marriage with someone and you don’t even know the person. But, you definitely have the wish to be liked and loved by your partner. If you want your partner to be attracted towards you on the very first day of your wedding and that he/ she always cares about you and loves you whole heartedly, then just recite dua for love in nikah. The dua will make your life heaven with your partner. You will never feel short of anything in your married life.

When you want to make your married life prosperous and content, then you should keep reciting dua for love in couples marriage. The dua can be recited before marriage for a happy married life and after marriage to make your marital life happy and peaceful forever. It unites both the partners as one and never allows any misunderstanding or mistrust to creep in. You can get dua for love and attraction in couples marriage from our molvi saab. Explain your situation and he will give you the best suitable remedy for it. Insha Allah, everything will happen in your favour by the will of Allah Talah.

Dua For Love and Attraction

Just make sure you recite dua for love in couples marriage with the right intention. Perform it with great dedication and sincerity and you will be bestowed with it.

Dua For Love in Nikah

Dua for love in nikah is given here:

  1. For three months, continuously recite Surah Ikhlas 41 times before going to bed. And while performing it or after it, do not speak to anyone and just go to sleep.
  2. Recite “Ya Lateefu”129 times daily after every namaz and just pray for your marriage and love in marriage.
  3. Recite Surah Taha after the namaz of Isha daily.

Insha Allah, within 3 months, not only your marriage will be fixed, but your partner will be exactly as you have imagined and your married life will be filled with love and affection. 

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